Lips burn and go numb temporarily when smoking a Blunt?

I smoke daily and have for years and only in the last few months has this happened. I go to the same place and stick to same handful of strains. This has only happened 3 separate times, each time it was a different strain. My lips burn and get tingly like I rubbed jalapeños on them as lipstick and then go completely numb for 10-20 minutes. After that it subsides and I can smoke the same stuff again later without anything like that happening.

I am smoking with a silicone mouth piece, no filter (also this piece has never caused a reaction before and I can smoke with it and have no issue either) just makes it easier to hold and not get the resiny taste. I don’t use it when it comes to water based glass devices and the way a mouth goes on that is the same for the silicone mouth piece.

But this also doesn’t happen when smoking out of the glass water based one so maybe it could be that? Idk which is why I’m here hoping someone can offer some science behind this or have any ideas on what would cause this? Some how I feel like the answer is staring me in the face but I’m just not connecting the dots.

Thank you in advance any ideas are much appreciated!

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