Families Turn to CBD To Help With Anxiety This Year

More families have turned to CBD this year to find some solution for their children that have been battling anxiety, stress, and other issues.

As millions of students have struggled this year with online learning that has meant that more are experiencing depression, anxiety, and general struggle with trying to find balance in the new normal that they might be forced to get used to this year. For some students it has meant a drastic decline in their grades, as virtual learning simply isn’t the best method for all students. Some students might prosper with this method while others will struggle and see a drop in performance as a result.

Students today are reporting depression and anxiety at much higher rates, obviously with all of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.

One thing that has caught the attention of more families this year is the prospect of CBD and parents have been wondering what that might be able to do for their children.

To combat that isolation and anxiety that has increased this year for so many, they’ve considered natural solutions like CBD, specifically CBD gummies for kids. With all of the CBD products on the market today though it can be difficult to sort out the quality items from those that might not even offer any CBD.

CBD gummies today are one of the fastest growing categories in the CBD market space.

This market is pulling in billion of dollars from customers of all ages that range from young children to seniors. It is expected that this market might surpass $7 billion within the next few years alone.

The product variety is also growing rapidly, with hundreds of different CBD products making their way to the shelves around the U.S. and in other countries.

You can find CBD soda, gum, gummies, chocolate, iced tea mix, hot chocolate mix, coffee, oils, topical cream, vapes, sprays, bath oil, green tea, and many other options. These products are helping to attract a wide range of new cannabis users into the market, by easing their entry with CBD.

The price for CBD products varies and you can find some gummies for $12 or products that might be $60 or more, depending on how much CBD you are getting inside the item. Previous investigation has discovered that about 63 percent of CBD users who went shopping in the United States had spent at least $11 to $50 on just one single CBD purchase. CBD users are also more likely to be health conscious, they also mostly range from age 25 to 64.

For the estimated 1 in 14 Americans who is currently using CBD, some of them might be spending $100-$200 per month on the product. There are still many out there who haven’t experienced it yet and aren’t aware of what (if any) benefits it might provide them. There still seems to be huge potential for growth for the CBD market worldwide.


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