Dropshipping CBD Products In the EU

As CBD products are being introduced in more and more new markets, CBD is becoming progressively popular among new groups of buyers who recognize the numerous benefits of CBD.

The latest US restrictions for companies doing business in the CBD industry are actually propelling the number of new companies in the EU market. In addition to the increased online demand and work from home, new business opportunities like dropshipping CBD programs are becoming attractive business collaboration types.

Benefits Of Using The Dropshipping Model

  • Zero investment in stock – no need for upfront inventory purchases, no warehousing costs or the necessity to find a proper warehouse; your upfront investment and ongoing overhead costs are zero. The only investments for you are site hosting and marketing.
  • Easy start – besides lowering the upfront investment, it also lowers the complexity of getting started. With our dropshipping program you skip the majority of the time-consuming steps like cultivating hemp, extracting CBD, formulating products, registering, designing and shipping them, so you can focus on marketing and sales on your market.
  • Work from anywhere – As we handle all the parts of business except the marketing and sales of products you are free to work from anywhere.
  • Scale – with our dropshipping model you can avoid most of the complex and long-lasting processes. The only thing you’ll need to scale is your ability to offer customer support.

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Advantages Of Hempika-branded dropshipping model

  • Top quality CBD Products
  • GMP practice
  • 25% commission on sales at the moment of purchase
  • Free to join
  • No commission or fees on transfers
  • Products are manufactured in EU
  • EU registered and certified products
  • Automated order processing
  • Discreet shipping
  • Tracking information
  • Same day shipping for paid orders till 12.30 CET
  • No minimum orders quantity
  • Express service
  • Access to new products first
  • Lab reports available on every batch
  • Full Spectrum CBD products or CBD Isolate
  • All Natural CBD diluted in hemp seed carrier oil
  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction process
  • Consistency and quality

Dropshipping CBD product to EU member states – Law and requirements

All Hempika-branded CBD products are registered in the EU and have a maximum THC concentration of 0,2%, therefore they can be sold in all EU member states that allow the sales and distribution of CBD products with a maximum of 0,2% THC concentration. You can find out which countries have different laws and regulations regarding CBD and consequently are exceptions to 0.2% of THC concentration limit in our article: Is CBD oil legal in my country? For dropshipping in countries with zero tolerance for THC we offer CBD Isolate in 1g confection.

How to start a dropshipping business with Hempika?

We allow our dropshipping partners to order CBD products directly to their clients via our wholesale portal. The automated process delivers pro-forma invoices at the moment of order. After receiving your clients’ payment you’ll need to forward the order to us through our wholesale portal in the dropshipping area. You’ll receive an automatic pro-forma with a 25% discount on our webstore prices, when we receive your bank transfer we ship to your customers. Alternatively, you can open a credit with us, so we can ship directly to your clients instantly after receiving an order from you. We handle our dropshipping orders discreetly, meaning that we do not include our promotional material in the shipments and we send our invoices directly to you.

Dropshipping CBD in Emerging Markets

Because of all beneficial effects of CBD and its non-psychoactive properties CBD products are being introduced to new markets. Currently there are countless emerging markets where CBD is being introduced and is gaining traction, so we won’t be able to list all of them. Let’s list just some CBD emerging markets and mention a few key benefits that are driving the demand for CBD products:

CBD in Fitness

CBD products are being increasingly used by fitness enthusiasts as CBD can reduce pain and inflammation and it can lead to a speedier recovery from injuries and workout-related muscle damage. The improved and faster muscle recovery can help work out more and longer, so we could easily say that CBD supports fitness gains.

CBD for Athletes

In 2018 the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances opening the doors for CBD legal use for Athletes. Since then a lot of professional athletes recognized the beneficial effects of CBD and started using it. In addition to increased muscle gains, reduced inflammation and faster muscle recovery, CBD can help improve sleep and relax better, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and anxiety, all key benefits that help athletes outperform the competition. CBD Isolate offers the perfect mix of advantages for enhanced performance for the majority of athletes without the psychoactive disadvantages of THC and without the fear of failing the THC drug test.

CBD and Martial arts

CBD is being used by professional and amateur fighters because of its neuro-protective benefits, meaning that it can protect against some of the most frequent injuries like traumatic brain injuries. In addition, CBD has pain management properties that can help prolong endurance and consequently maintain proper technique longer. As CBD can reduce pain and inflammation and can lead to a speedier recovery from injuries and muscle damage all its benefits are ideal for countless martial art sports.

CBD for Pets

All vertebrates have developed the Endocannabinoid system, which is a communication and signaling system with intention to achieve homeostasis.Using CBD for dogs, cats and other animals can improve the quality of life and prevent numerous health problems of our furry friends.

CBD in Beauty products and cosmetics

CBD and Hemp seed oil have multiple benefits and can alleviate lots of skin problems. On one hand, hemp seed oil prevents ageing and maintains a healthy balance of moisture, on the other hand, CBD acts like a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It relaxes the skin, prevents its drying, helps with damage and shortens the time of skin healing. It alleviates problems with acne, abrasions, psoriasis and eczema. You can read our article about the benefits of CBD balm for healthy skin to find out all you need to know how CBD and hemp seed oil can help you.

CBD and epilepsy

The main reasons why people suffering from epileptic seizures are using CBD products are the instant effectiveness of CBD and the fact that as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, CBD doesn’t have the potentially challenging side effects of conventional medication. In many countries pediatricians can now prescribe CBD products to patients suffering from epilepsy if the conventional medications aren’t working. In our article CBD for epilepsy you can find a lot of useful information on how CBD can help treating epilepsy.

Collection of frequently asked questions about CBD dropshipping

How to start a dropshipping business?

In order to start a dropshipping business you must have a web store or some other sales channel with a payment system where you can list and present our products and collect your clients orders.

How does CBD dropshipping work?

You can start dropshipping our products instantly by inserting them in your web store and forwarding your orders to us. We ship directly to your clients and you get your commission at the time of sale.

What are my obligations when dropshipping CBD products?

You forward your orders to us, pay for the discounted CBD products and take care of the customer support and we take care of all the rest.

Do I need a valid VAT number to dropship CBD products?

Our dropshipping partners don’t need a valid VAT number in order to dropship our products.

Is shipping included in the dropship price?

No, the cost of shipping is charged separately. The cost of shipping depends on the shipping service you or your client chooses: For information about the shipping costs please contact our wholesale team at [email protected]

Is dropshipping CBD legal in the EU?

Yes, dropshipping CBD products is legal in the EU as long as you have a registered company that can emit invoices to customers.

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