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Life is too short to waste on people who have self serving, lip service about how you are as a human being. I’ve learned things in life taught by my child with autism. I’ve learned more patience than most could understand. I’ve learned kindness because people have treated him less than kind during his life. I’ve learned integrity, since a friend can treat you less than a stranger. I’ve learned compassion, caring and kindness. I’ve learned more than most could begin to understand. I’ve learned that people can speak with condescending self serving lip service with their words like razors but that’s exactly what it is, self serving. Who cares about their words? Many deal with more than their fair share of unkind people, but there is no way that those people can understand things I’ve known and lived, for I am a mother of a child with autism; I know patience and compassion like no other. Always be kind to others! And remember friends will always show you who they are, because a friend will ask, how are you. If that question isn’t asked then, they never cared to begin with, they were always running their own self serving agenda! Nuff said!

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