PotV One vs Hydrology 9

So, I caught a little but of a windfall and have a little money to burn.. I mean vape.

I’ve been wanting the PotV One for months with waterpipe adapter to use with a mini waterpipe.

But the Hydrology9 is on sale for not that much more, and its a waterpipe.

I do like that the PotV One is more portable, smaller, and heats up quicker. Has the option to use without water. I like that it has a smaller chamber as I don’t use much bud anyway. I also like that it’s a lot smaller and probably easier to hide from my anti-bud folks. Disclaimer: I’m of legal age. No question. Im here because its easier to save while splitting bills with them.

Would I need to completely fill a heat chamber of the Hydrology9 to utilize it?

Experienced brothers and sisters, which one should I purchase?


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