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Premium cannabis cultivation

Gold Seal is a premium cannabis cultivation company grown and raised in the heart of San Francisco since 2015. Our focus is cultivating the most high-quality product from the most unique, proprietary genetics, as well as collaborating with fellow cannabis companies such as Nug, Mellows, Oakland Extracts, and Space Coyote.

A top-shelf cultivation brand

California Cannabis Focused On Quality

With strains like Cherry Cheesecake and Red Congolese it’s easy to see why Gold Seal strains have dominated the cannabis flower offerings throughout the state. Our strains are aged to their full maturity and potential to allow for the full potential of the strain to develop.

Order Online

California Street Cannabis Dispensary is proud to bring you a state of the art online ordering system. Order online right from your phone in just minutes. Gold Seal flower is available on our menu where it’s easy to order for pickup or delivery.

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