CBD Oil Extraction

CBD oil extraction is managed with the help of proper machinery and a solvent to separate the unwanted plant matter from the desired compounds. While there are a variety of ways in which to do this, some are a little safer than others.

At Arbor Vita8, our ethanol extraction process combines the best of all existing practices. We use food-safe ethanol (basically alcohol) to remove the risk of toxic materials entering into our extracts. It doesn’t require any additional machinery or time to prepare it for use. Ethanol is also reusable as a solvent between batches of hemp biomass, making this process environmentally- friendly and cost-effective.

Mixing the hemp with ethanol as it’s heated up naturally encourages the separation of wanted and unwanted parts of the hemp plant. After saturation occurs, at the right temperature, there’s an evaporation step, where dissolved plant waxes disappear, and concentrated cannabinoids, in oil form, are left behind.

The initial extraction process typically takes the hemp biomass and extracts crude hemp oil, which is further refined to an isolate or distillate. However, Arbor Vita8 conducts their extraction at a lower temperature than most, allowing us to skip this secondary step and get the oil extract you want the first time around for even more savings.

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