Cannabis Career Watch | New Hires and Promotions December 4, 2020

Plant-based extraction company Pure Extracts partnered with Dr. Alexander MacGregor on the development of CBD infused mushroom wellness products and research of extraction methodologies for psilocybin. MacGregor currently serves as chief executive officer at Transpharm Canada and as dean of faculty, professor of biopharmaceutics, and president at the Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology.

New Brunswick-based physician Dr. Julie Hildebrand joined forces with WeedMD under the company’s North Star Wellness Virtual Patient Care Program. As a physician with more than thirty years of biomedical research and medical experience, Hildebrand will helm the project’s expansion.

Julie Hildebrand

“Expanding our coverage area to Atlantic Canada alongside a leading cannabis medicine advocate such as Dr. Hildebrand will introduce more patients to Starseed’s unique medical platform and portfolio of treatment options,” said WeedMD Chief Executive Officer Angelo Tsebelis. “Together with our North Star Wellness Virtual Patient Care Program, we will continue providing consultations to new and existing patients through an advanced, accessible healthcare platform. With medical cannabis therapies and product advancements on the rise, we applaud Dr. Hildebrand as a strong cannabis proponent.”

Directorial and advisory board changes and additions:

Renee Merrifield stepped down from the board of directors at The Valens Company following her election as member of the Legislative Assembly of the Kelowna-Mission district of British Columbia. The vacant seat has yet to be filled.

Director Con Steers resigned from the board of directors at Canadian cannabis company Flora Growth Corp. Dr. Beverley Richardson and Luis Merchan, Flora’s president of consumer goods, replaced Steers on the board.

The shareholders of Canadian pharmaceutical company InMed Pharmaceuticals approved the election of all directorial nominees to hold office until the company’s next annual meeting in 2021.

Former Colombian Minister of Finance Juan Carlos Echeverry joined the board of directors at Khiron Life Sciences. Echeverry is a Colombian economist and a recognized advocate for medical cannabis as an economic catalyst for the region.

Artelo Biosciences, a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of therapeutics targeting the endocannabinoid system, appointed drug discovery and development veteran Gregory R. Reyes, M.D., Ph.D. to its board of directors. Reyes brings to the company more than thirty-five years of experience in biotech and large pharma.

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