The Best CBD for Cold Weather

It’s that time of the year again! cold weather, hot cocoa, and CBD! Although it’s always a good time for CBD; there are certain types of CBD that are best when the weather gets cold. Journey with us as we discuss the best CBD for cold weather.

CBD For Your Skin

When the air gets cold it can leave your skin feeling itchy and irritated. Also, the cold weather can leave your skin feeling raw, and indoor heat can zap moisture from your skin. Here is where CBD comes along – try applying some CBD lotion to your skin care routine. This can promote skin hydration, which the lack of is one of the leading causes of itchy skin. You’ll love the fresh lavender aromas with hints of citrus. A little can go a long way! Therefore, we recommend taking about a quarter size of lotion and rubbing it into your hands. But, you are also able to apply this lotion anywhere that you feel dry skin.

Another product that you might not have thought of is CBD sunscreen. Although the sun is not as strong during winter like it is during the summer; it’s important to apply sunscreen if you go outside. If you live in a climate that produces snow, you’ll want to invest in some CBD sunscreen. On bright-sunny days, the snow can reflect the sun’s rays which can be harsh on your skin. If you’re out running errands or doing outdoor activities, you’ll want to apply some CBD sunscreen. However, you tend to cover yourself up more when you’re out in the snow; this is the reason why many people don’t think of applying sunscreen. The good thing is you will only want to apply sunscreen to open parts not covered.

CBD Infused Warm Drinks

CBD Infused Warm Drink

There is nothing better than a nice warm drink on a cold day. However, adding a couple of drops of CBD can enhance your experience. The great thing about adding CBD to your warm drink is the flavor. The CBD Tinctures are popular because they are sugar-free and lightly flavored. This means that the taste won’t overpower whatever you infuse it with. A popular drink to add our tinctures to is coffee. This is because many people are hoping to counteract the negative effects from coffee. This makes sense since CBD promotes relaxation – coffee tends to overstimulate some people. Keep in mind, if your coffee is too hot to drink, it’s too hot to add CBD to it. Wait for your coffee to cool down before adding CBD.

Another popular warm drink people add CBD to is tea. If you are using a tea bag we recommend using our CBD tinctures. However, if you are using loose leaf tea you are able to use our CBD flower. In theory, you are able to use a CBD flower with a tea bag; but you may not like the hemp floating around your tea. You will want to let your CBD flower steep for 15 minutes in hot – not boiling water. For a morning – high caffeinated tea we recommend our Lifter Sauce CBD Flower. If you’re looking for something that promotes relaxation we recommend the Richie Rich CBD Flower. The Lifter Sauce is a Sativa dominant strain while Richie Rich is an Indica strain.

Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD

This one is a given since vaping is a year long thing – but you may want to vape indoors. It may be too cold to go outside to smoke your CBD so vaping indoors might be an option. Although you’re producing vapor we still don’t recommend vaping our products around minors. It may not warm you up completely but you can take the edge off with some CBD vape. There are several types of products to choose from based on preference. If you have your own device then CBD Vape juice or cartridges is a good option. However, if you don’t want to deal with refilling, or getting the right device then we have CBD disposable pens.


The Best CBD for Cold Weather

When it gets cold outside you have options on how to take your CBD. This can include keeping your skin hydrated, warming up with a hot infused drink, or vaping it. Also, many people tend to double up on Vitamin C during the winter; our Orange CBD Tincture has over 500 mg of Vitamin C. If you’re looking to counteract some of that holiday gloom try some CBD!

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