Texas’ medical marijuana laws are strict. This is what advocates want to see changed

After one failed treatment after another, Sharlene Hernandez was at a dead end.

Her 10-year-old autistic son wasn’t speaking, barley eating and would play with and spread his feces around the house. Nothing was helping her child.

One day, a friend in a similar situation recommended THC via a doctor’s prescription. Willing to try anything, Hernandez went for it.

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“We were just at a loss and I don’t know what it was about the THC, but it has helped so much,” said a tearful Hernandez.In eight months, her son has started speaking cognitively on his own, eating again and rarely plays in his diaper.

Hernandez is one of many advocates pushing state lawmakers to reduce the regulations surrounding medical marijuana, including giving doctors more authority to prescribe THC, expanding the list of conditions for a prescription and allowing for more dispensaries.

As of now, it is difficult to obtain.

Hernandez’s son needed to visit a special neurosurgeon for a prescription. For refills, she has to make an appointment to see a doctor each time, which has been difficult during the pandemic. She then has to drive one and a half hours to pick up the medication at Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation in Austin, one of only three legal dispensaries in the state. On top of that, she pays out of pocket…

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