Re: nepotism

Does anyone else have trouble finding new people places to get grass? I moved to a new town 3 years ago and I’ve been struggling to find someone to sell me grass. I’ve made plenty of stoner friends who’re happy to smoke with me either my green or there’s but I still haven’t managed to find any way to get it here. I’m not real adept at all that dark net stuff so I stick to in person but I’m having to travel 4 hours to my old town to get and it’s a bit much. I talk kinda weird and I think people think I’m a narc, plus I’m older by like 5+ years than my new stoner buddies so I’m the weird old person in the group which is a serious change of pace because I used to be the baby of the group. Oh, I also live in AUS To cut a long story short Does anyone know some social etiquette I’m missing to get people to sell me weed? Am I doing something wrong? I’m asking my weed friends to put me in contact with their people and when that doesn’t work I say well can you give them my number and put the ball in their court. I wanna make pot brownies for my friends for Christmas but due to COVID I can’t really travel the 4 hours distance. So if anyone has any advice on how I can get my hands on some green, let me know. 🙂

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