NJ.Com Opinion Piece: The Trenton politicians are making a hash of marijuana legalization | Mulshine

Well .. who’d have known!

Another state another bag of mad ferrets who can’t get on with the job. We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again as every state goes legal… imagine Federal !

It was General George Patton who popularized the saying, “Lead, follow or get out of the way.”

Patton’s advice came to mind when I paid a visit last week to Trenton.

My first stop was “NJ Weedman’s Joint,” the coffee shop where Ed Forchion openly sells several varieties of marijuana.

The line of people waiting to buy weed ranged from locals to people who made the drive from North Jersey after they read about the Weedman’s operation in the newspapers.

This was a classic example of the free market in operation. Willing buyers dealt with a willing seller and everybody got what they wanted – except for the people in that big building six blocks up State Street.

The politicians in the Statehouse have been struggling for several years with the question of legalizing marijuana.

The Democrats, who control both houses of the Legislature, had an excuse back when pot-hating Republican Chris Christie promised to veto any legalization bill.

But we’ve had a Democratic governor since 2018. Legalization should have been easy. Instead the Democrats fell to arguing among themselves over issues that have been addressed in other states.

Having proven themselves unable to lead, the legislators decided to follow instead. They scheduled a referendum that would let the voters make the decision the legislators were too timid to make.

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