Accessories To Step Up Your Bath Game With

If COVID and the political landscape has granted us anything positive, it’s the time for a looong, leisure bath. Aside from a great bath soak, there are so many other bath accessories you can turn to, to up your bath time game. We narrowed it down to the must-haves, check them out below.

A soak that soothes and relaxes you

The first and most important accessory is a great bath soak. If you’re soaking in plain water you’re missing out! Our bath soaks are handmade in small batches with the finest ingredients. They’re packed with 50mg of full spectrum CBD and each has a unique soothing blend of essential oils. Reach for Awaken when you need a rejuvenation. Try Mend when you need to soothe sore muscles. Unwind helps you do just that, uuuunwind.

A bath tray for all your goodies

You know those inspo photos of bougie baths? The ones with a tray covered in candles, a glass of wine or mug of tea, topped with a great book to read or maybe an ipad with Netflix? We want to get on that level, plus a bath tray is super functional! If you ever find yourself tossing everything on the floor, only to have it get wet, then a bath tray is a must-have. Shop this functional one from Amazon or go for the sleek look with this one from Etsy.

A bluetooth speaker for your tunes

If you forgo your devices in the tub and instead reach for a good book or to simply sit in the stillness, it’s nice to set the mood with a good mix. Tuck your phone away in the other room or set it somewhere out of reach and play your tunes from a waterproof bluetooth speaker, like this one from Target. In need of a chill bath time mix? We got you, follow us on Spotify.

A face mask that does the work for you

Sliding on a face mask during a bath can actually help the product work better. The steam from the bath helps open your pores and allows the ingredients to fully soak in. We love this mask from Flora Lee because it doubles as a cleanser, plus it brightens + exfoliates the skin with gentle ingredients.

Image courtesy of Flora Lee Naturals

A cozy robe for post-bath cuddles

Nothings worse than getting out of a warm bath to be met with the cold air. Which is why we always have a cozy robe to slide into afterwards. Our go-to is this Parachute robe, which is made from premium 100% long-staple Turkish cotton and designed to have a relaxed, comfortable fit.

A pair of slippers to keep your feet warm

Speaking of cold air, it’s important to keep your feet warm to promote blood flow and circulation. Plus we’ll take any reason to slide our toes into some cozy slippers, like these one’s from Madewell.

A salve to nourish your skin

Bath’s have many benefits, but unfortunately the hot water can leave our skin feeling depleted. A pro-tip from the founder of Lauren’s All Purpose is to slide on a salve before sliding into a bath. This helps create a barrier so the hot water doesn’t strip the skin. LAPS just launched a delicious Rose Vetiver LAPS Salve which is perfect for combatting dry, irritated, winter skin. Just like the OG LAPS, the Rose Vetiver is made with simple ingredients and can be used multiple ways. Use it for all over body moisture, even on your face. Use it to gently remove makeup. Use it as shaving cream or a moisturizing hair mask. It also helps with sunburn, eczema, and chaffing. And you can even use it as an organic lubricant. We’re sold!

Image courtesy of Laurens All Purpose

However you choose to accessorize your bath, we hope you soak up all of that time for yourself (pun very much intended). With a whirlwind of a year, and a less traditional holiday season upon us, it’s so important to carve out time for yourself. For more on the benefits of adding CBD to your bath time routine, visit here.

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