The legalization of marijuana

As marijuana continues to become more mainstream and the stigma behind it begins to disappear, certain states are finally passing laws that will legalize or decriminalize the drug.

Over the past week, Mississippi, Arizona, South Dakota, Montana and New Jersey have all passed laws that either legalize the medicinal or recreational use of marijuana, leading to a surplus of other states beginning to question the age-old question on whether or not ‘pot’ is bad.Of course, there will always be people in America that refuse to do the proper research and are too simple minded to accept that fact that the drug should indeed be legal. It is something that has been used since the dawn of time, and will not stop being used for as long as humans are still on Earth.

A lot of Americans are sitting in jail cells right this second due to having a petty amount of the plant on them, resulting in massive confusion as more and more states are legalizing the drug.

South Dakota became the first state…

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