More Hemp Products For Aldi

Hemp products at Aldi

UK Aldi customers are now able to access a wider range of hemp products from the discount supermarket chain.

The company recently announced several new faces in its Lacura beauty products line-up. There’s a body lotion and a hand cream both containing hemp seed oil, but probably the more interesting product is what Aldi calls “CBD Facial Serum”. CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. While Aldi refers to a “buzz ingredient” in the serum, which is perhaps a bit of marketing dog whistling, purchasers can rest assured (or be disappointed) by the fact there will be no real buzz involved.

But is there any CBD actually in it? The promo and front of the bottle mentions “cannabis sativa seed oil”. Cannabis seeds contain very little CBD.

Learn more about hemp cosmetics and skincare.


Hemp Protein

Here in Australia, Aldi has been introducing other hemp products to local customers. It created a bit of a “buzz” (there’s that word again) with the recent release of hemp bed sheets. In one of its “special buys” promotions in October, 100% hemp bed sheets were on offer in queen size for $139.99 or king size for $149.99. Among the positive attributes of hemp linen is that it’s naturally anti-bacterial, has excellent breathability and is one of the strongest natural fibres.

Hemp textiles of today are nothing like the rough and scratchy materials of old. You can learn how hemp fibre is produced here.

Other hemp product “special buys” at Aldi in Australia in recent times include sneakers and even dog treats.

So, why is what Aldi is doing significant?

As in many other countries, hemp was demonised for decades in Australia and many Australians are still confused about the difference between marijuana and hemp, which are both varieties of cannabis. In a nutshell, marijuana contains high levels of THC and hemp contains levels so low, it has no intoxicating effect. Various strains of hemp have been developed specifically for food, fibre or in the case of CBD, medicinal purposes.

When major companies like Aldi promote hemp products, it generates interest and from that interest consumers start researching – and nowadays they can easily locate facts about industrial hemp.

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