Diet Dank

Diet Dank CBD Hemp Flower

Diet Dank is America’s leading smokable hemp brand founded and produced by renowned hemp seed breeder Bodhi Urban. You can now buy legal hemp flower online that is grown from the best genetics by some of the nation’s best breeders. Buy some today to witness the true potential of premium smokable hemp flower.

Diet Dank Hemp Flower

Understanding CBD Hemp

Hemp and all of its components became federally legal in 2018 when the Farm Bill updated. Consequently, it became legal to grow not just industrial (fibrous or grain) hemp but also CBD hemp. To be clear, CBD hemp is legal cannabis buds specially cultivated for their potent flowers. However, by definition, hemp must contain 0.3 percent THC or less; anything above this threshold is federally illegal and ineligible for national sale transport.

Diet Dank CBD flower resembles those high-quality buds you see in cultivation magazines and cannabis fan pages in every way except its THC content. The CBD flowers contain minimal THC and will not cause any stony sensations – but they will wreak of some dank sticky-icky. The flowers are comparable to the best cannabis cultivars on the market with one clear exception: these buds are federally legal. So roll up a fatty and inhale the fabulous taste freedom that’s packed into these stellar CBD buds.

Early Bird CBD Hemp Flower
Early Bird CBD Hemp Flower

Why Try Smokable Hemp Flower

CBD edibles and topicals are so last week. To start, they often the product of highly-processed hemp biomass that may include questionable materials. Producers make the oil by extracting CBD (and sometimes other components) then infusing it into something like oil or alcohol to make it easier to administer. CBD oils contain many components, only some of which come from the cannabis plant.

Smokable hemp, on the other hand, is just that: hemp that you can smoke. When grown organically in a healthy growing medium, hemp will develop an abundance of beneficial compounds, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These naturally-occurring substances profoundly impact the body and produce an entourage of benefits when consumed together. They absorb quickly into the body with no harsh additives to accompany them. Essentially, smoking CBD flower is the purest, most efficient way to ingest beneficial hemp compounds. Consuming it is rather pleasurable, as well!

In fact, premium CBD bud should be incredibly flavorful and smooth to smoke. Diet Dank’s smokable hemp grows indoors, where master growers closely monitor each flower’s condition. The Diet Dank team pampers plants to encourage trichome development. They then harvest, dry, and cure the dense hemp buds at the peak of their perfection. Consequently, all Diet Dank hemp buds are flavorful, potent, and long-lasting. Smoke them right away or store them for up to six months for the best flavor and smoothest smoke.

Buy Premium Hemp Buds from Diet Dank

Diet Dank offers a first-hand look at the potential of smokable hemp buds. No longer must consumers fear the hay-like taste and dull experience that comes with field-grown hemp. Diet Dank’s premium CBD hemp buds are rich and flavorful, which makes them an incredibly pleasurable way to consume CBD hemp.

Buy smokable hemp flower or contact Diet Dank to learn more about their products and services.

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