Amco Review of OG Kush farmed by NSM picked up at Green Springs

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This 1/8 of flower in 2 buds and a lil nug

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OG Kush is the God father of many strains on the market. Its genetics are legendary. A few decades ago “a northern California strain” was crossed with Hindu Kush to make a staple hybrid in all markets since the 1990s.

The Look

This beautiful eighth of an ounce sample from GSM is made up of only three buds; two ping pong sized buds and one smaller bud. The green hues are broken up by red pistils reaching into the air. The tricombs are visible to the naked eye. The look rates 9 out of 10.

The Smell

The nose on this sample is full of that wet earth mustiness. There is also hints of fruitiness. I can’t pinpoint which fruit exactly. Once I broke up the nugs a Myrecene scent is revealed. The smell rates a perfect 10.

The Cure

The tricombs are mostly amber or clouded. I found that none of the heads have been decapitated. The humidity is perfect and not dry at all. It has about 15% amber colored tricombs, though most are clouded and only about 10% are clear. The cure rates 9 out of 10.

The Taste

I rolled a half gram of flower in an OCB Virgin paper. With the dry hit I tasted notes of fuel and skunk. Once I fire it up, the berry notes and gas flavors are present. It has strong pepper notes of Caryophyllene as well. Its a flavor of the 90s that I like all too well, rating a perfect 10 for the taste.

The Effect

The effect of this hybrid can be both Sativa or Indica like. NSM let this crop mature giving it a good body effect. You could fool a new patient into thinking it’s an Indica but genetically, it’s actually well balanced. It has quite the ability to ease pain. I’ve gotten muscle relaxation and chronic pain relief but my nerve pain wasn’t changed. This gives it a 7 out of 10 rating.

thanks to Ocb for sponsor this review

Over all this averages out to Amco High Opinion of 9 out of 10 for Kush OG.

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