Weed On The Ballot: 5 States Consider Cannabis, And One Is ‘A True Toss-Up’

These days, there is a lot of focus on which states are red, blue, purple or likely to switch in the presidential election.

Benzinga Cannabis is zeroing in on “green” states.

Voters in New Jersey, Arizona and Montana — where there are existing medical cannabis markets — are considering the legalization of adult-use.

Mississippi may potentially become a new market for medical cannabis, and there are two ballot initiatives in South Dakota that seek to legalize both medical and adult-use.

While there are plenty of “what if” scenarios to consider when it comes to determining the next president, our sources seem confident in their predicting how cannabis reform will unfold in the five states.

Meital Manzuri, of Los Angeles-based of Manzuri Law, predicts that most of the cannabis ballot initiatives will pass.

“The American people are overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing medical and adult marijuana use,” she said.

“Voters see how well legal…

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