Beware The Annual Cannabis-infused Candy Scare Stories

Even by local TV news standards, an October 2017 report from WNCN-TV of Charlotte, North Carolina stood out as ludicrous. “It’s a treat packing a powerful trick,” warned reporter Brandon Goldner, employing the portentous tone perfected by the fake reporters on The Daily Show. He was referring to cannabis-infused candies, which, he declared with no supporting evidence, were presenting “a nightmare for state drug enforcement agents” worried that evildoers were going to sneak the evil treats into kids’ bags on Halloween.

“The colorful packaging, the flavors, they mask the potent ingredient that’s found within,” he said.

That potent ingredient was CBD, a component of the cannabis plant that doesn’t produce a high, but does have potential health benefits. Goldner did at least make the distinction between CBD and THC, the part of the plant that does produce a high. But he warned that CBD “is known to give users a relaxing feeling.”

Oh, no. Not relaxing.

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