Premium Branding Possibilities for the Cannabis Market


In its report on the major 10 cannabis marketplace trends for 2018, BDS Analytics predicted that affluent customers would help premium brands that year. Even though we’ve surely observed a quantity of premium and luxury brands debut and develop because the report was published, there is nonetheless a enormous chance for cannabis companies to create premium brands in this business.

Why? Mainly because what we’re seeing in the marketplace has but to close the gap amongst mass commoditization and premium or luxury brand – and that is a great point.

The Path From Mass Brand to Luxury Brand

Just before you can have an understanding of the chance gap that premium and luxury branding present, it is vital to have an understanding of how a brand moves from “mass” to “luxury” and all the actions in amongst:

  1. Mass: Take into consideration a solution brand exactly where the least expensive solution with the lowest high-quality is usually the most accessible in terms of affordability. The masses can afford it.
  2. Brand: With an enhance in high-quality and a greater cost tag to match, the solution brand can be differentiated in consumers’ minds and it gains worth as a accurate brand.
  3. Premium: Enhance high-quality and enhance costs a lot more, and it becomes a premium brand.
  4. Luxury: A luxury brand has the highest cost and high-quality.

But there’s a challenge for the reason that numerous brands are marketed as premium or luxury when they’re not really premium or luxury at all.

If you appear outdoors the cannabis business, you will see a typical trend that is been taking place for years – the democratization of luxury. In simplest terms, as the middle class and the economy develop, mass brands imitate luxury. They find out the “rules” of luxury branding, copy them, and build confusion amongst customers. As a outcome, customers can be tricked into considering a brand delivers a specific level of luxury when it is really a higher-priced imposter.

As the cannabis business matures and legalization extends to a lot more states across the nation, the want for luxury branding and the threat of the democratization of luxury have turn into vital strategic considerations for cannabis companies that have aspirations to give higher high-quality at higher costs. At this point, higher high-quality will have to extend across all customer touchpoints and turn into an immersive branded encounter.

Distinguishing Premium from Luxury in Branding

If a premium brand is higher high-quality and higher cost, then a luxury brand requires that idea to a fully various level. That is for the reason that a luxury brand is not just “more” of a premium brand. A luxury brand is not basically greater high-quality or greater priced. It is an encounter that customers can not get anyplace else. Believe of luxury as separating the purchaser from everybody else in 3 distinct methods:

  • Socially: The brand represents a social status symbol of some type that is universally accepted.
  • Comparably: The brand symbolizes a thing that is improved than the rest.
  • Individually: The brand has unique which means to the purchaser, but that which means may possibly not be universal.

Let’s believe about each and every of these luxury branding components in a lot more detail.

1st, luxury brands are recognized by the globe (or at least huge audiences that purchasers are probably to come into get in touch with with) as elite, unique, virtually unattainable, and prestigious. They’re also straightforward to examine to other options on the marketplace, and they constantly rank at the major of the comparison list. Having said that, not everybody is prepared to spend the higher cost that a luxury brand demands. Rolex may possibly be a luxury brand, but there are some customers who would disagree.

Bottom-line, a luxury brand demands a lot more from customers in terms of cost, so it will have to give a lot more to customers in return. A thriving luxury brand is quickly identifiable as improved than just about every other brand, but that position will have to be believed by a huge sufficient audience or sales will be also restricted.

The Premium Branding Chance for Cannabis Brands

The essential to launching a thriving premium brand in the cannabis business is to build the gap amongst typical brands and premium brands so customers have an understanding of the “extra” that they get when they acquire your branded items. If you are launching a luxury brand, then you want to build the gap amongst premium brands and luxury brands in the cannabis marketplace.

Bear in mind, “premium” and “luxury” are about experiences, not just high-quality and cost. Today’s customers are confused by the democratization of luxury. Item packaging and shop styles usually lead customers to think they’re receiving a premium or luxury encounter as properly as items that match the encounter, but the reality usually does not reside up to the expectations.

Premium and luxury branding not only attract affluent shoppers with aspirations of self-distinction, but it also aids to take away the stigmas that have surrounded cannabis for so numerous years. The doors to claim a niche as a premium or luxury cannabis brand are nonetheless wide open in the legal cannabis marketplace, and as the results of higher-finish brands like Beboe, Coda Signature, and Defonce demonstrate, customers are prepared and prepared to spend a lot more for the ideal items and experiences.


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