Curl Up with a Cup of CBD Tea with This Uncomplicated Recipe


Infusing your tea with a splash of CBD oil is a great way to take benefit of CBD’s myriad of advantageous effects.  

A hot cup of tea can be uniquely relaxing as a way to begin or finish your day. We double down on the added benefits of tea with this CBD infused tea recipe. Employing your preferred tea as a base, we’ll show you how to immediately develop your personal homemade CBD tea for a tasty new way to get your everyday CBD

Infused CBD Tea Recipe

Adding CBD to your cup of tea is a easy approach, adding only a single step to your regular approach. Having said that, there are some factors to look at to make the most of your CBD tea and have an enjoyable practical experience. 

Since CBD is not water soluble, you can assistance to raise the availability of your CBD by adding a fat to your tea, like milk or cream and even butter. In this CBD tea recipe, we use RSHO&#x2122 CBD liquids. Since water and the MCT oil in our CBD liquids will not readily mix, adding a fat like milk or cream can also assistance the water and oil mix. 

Right here is what you will have to have to make CBD infused tea at house. 


  • Your preferred tea bag or loose leaf tea
  • A fat like milk or cream
  • ¾ teaspoon RSHO&#x2122 CBD liquid
  • Honey or other sweetener is preferred


  1. Heat water till it is hot but not boiling
  2. Steep tea according to directions on packaging
  3. Add a splash of milk or cream, RSHO&#x2122 CBD liquid, and sweetener to tea and stir properly. 

As you get pleasure from this tea, the CBD oil and the water in the tea may possibly start to separate, stirring ahead of a sip can assistance lessen this impact. You can also prevent this separation by making use of a milk frother to blend the CBD oil and milk ahead of adding it to the tea. 

An additional well-known way to add CBD to your hot tea is to very first infuse your CBD into honey. Employing a double boiler, warm and blend two tablespoons of honey with 1 teaspoon of RSHO&#x2122 CBD liquid, stirring typically till CBD oil is totally mixed into honey. You can also add CBD isolate to your honey making use of the similar strategy. This CBD honey can then be employed to sweeten your tea, coffee, or other beverage. 

Why CBD Edibles

Infusing edibles with CBD is a good way to add the added benefits of hemp derived CBD into your diet regime. When CBD is taken with meals, the physique is in a position to additional effectively absorb the CBD and other cannabinoids ahead of transporting all through the physique. Right here is additional about why you must take CBD oil with meals

There are actually dozens and dozens of achievable recipes featuring CBD oil tinctures and liquids. Use our CBD recipes to stimulate your inventive cooking juices. Hold in thoughts that it is not recommended that you cook with the oil, as undertaking so can diminish potency.

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Study additional about the added benefits of CBD and other CBD subjects now on our CBD Oil Education web page. 


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