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If you are in search of a marijuana strain that will leave your body feeling gooey all over, then look no further than the Afgooey marijuana strain. Sometimes called Afgoo, this Indica dominant hybrid strain leaves users feeling so relaxed, they will forget what day of the week it is. With flavors of grape, spice, and herbs, this strain is one that users reach for, as a nighttime snack. 

Depending on where you buy your weed from, the THC content in this strain ranges from 14%-28%. Unlike most Indica strains, Afgooey will hit the user faster than a marshmallow melts in the middle of a campfire. 

The forefront emotions felt with this strain are a beautiful combination of happy, relaxed, and it will put users in a talkative spirit. 


This strain is accessible on the black market, and it is hard to find elsewhere. Most recently it has been found in Washington and Oregon, as well as medical dispensaries in Montana. Several retailers have started selling seeds online for growers to purchase, providing an excellent alternative for those who don’t like growing from clones. 

What parents strains make up Afgooey? Afghan #1, a classic Indica, and Maui Haze, a Sativa, come together to give you the Afgan Goo. Before we move on, let’s quickly go over the two parent strains. 

Afghan #1

Afghan #1 is an Indica strain named after the region in which it first came from, Afghanistan. Afghanistan is said to be the first region ever to grow cannabis, so Afghan #1 is one of the oldest strains found on earth. Growers love this strain for the fact it has a massive resin production, and consumers love the aroma profile of earthy, pungent, and pine. 

It is primarily used to help insomnia, pain, and stress. 

Maui Haze

Maui Haze, is also known as Island Maui Haze, is a Sativa dominant strain that is used by many to achieve uplifting, and energetic effects. As users would expect, the overall aroma is mango and tropical, with a surprising scent of ammonia in the background.  

Stress, depression, and pain are whisked away into the sunset with a bit of the Maui Haze marijuana strain. 


Indicas typically are slower to hit than Sativas, but that is not the case with Afgooey marijuana. Upon first using this strain, users will be hit with effects instantly, consisting of limbs feeling heavy, and a sudden urge to start giggling. 

With high levels of THC, users can expect to feel a classic trip that marijuana users love, since the cannabis impairs their mind and body movements. For this reason, it is best if this strain is used at night. 

A clear cerebral high is not what a user will get with this strain, but instead, they will have a mind full of daydreams. As the high wears on, the outside world will become insignificant, and users will be able to focus specifically on what’s around them. 

A small dose will leave users still able to focus and be productive on small tasks, where a more massive dose will leave a user in more of a couch-locked state. People who have to get stuff done should do those tasks before indulging in the Afgooey strain. 

Experienced cannabis consumers have mentioned how potent this strain is, and compliment the marijuana for providing a long high time. 

Other effects users can expect to feel include:


Afgooey is going to make even the most tense person feel at ease. Not only will the body feel relaxed, but peoples thoughts will soften as well. Being relaxed is a much-needed feeling after a full day of work, watching the kids, or running mundane errands. 


The term buzzed is mostly used when describing how a person feels while they are consuming alcohol. Buzzed is an excellent general word to describe how a person will feel while they are trying the Afgooey strain. 

When a person drinks more, the buzzed feeling, and sensory alterations increase, and the same is true with marijuana. The more you consume, the more your body will experience the effects. Don’t’ be turned off by user reviews writing about going on a trip to mars, because those people most likely took an extremely high dose. 


Need a bit of a boost to your soul? Afgooey marijuana is excellent for aligning your energy into a positive state, that makes you appreciate what you have at the moment. Everyday stresses, that bring you down, get put into a different light, and things that seemed daunting, now do not seem so bad. 

Recreational Uses 

As stated above, this strain is best used at nighttime, which means any activity after dark would be ideal for pairing with it. 

Smoke a bit of this while you are making dinner, and let yourself really enjoy your shrimp pasta, while watching your favorite eight o-clock show. Everyone has a morning routine, and paring an Indica strain, such as this one, can be a great addition to your night-time routine. 

Afgooey is a strain that can be paired when you are having a get together with your friends. It brings on strong urges of talking, and your lips will be moving so much you’ll have to remind yourself to stop to take a breath. Talkative emotions will be geared towards dreams, and funny things, versus highly intense topics, so don’t start a conversation about politics, or other things that can ruin the vibe. 

Afgooey Can be Paired With:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Sleep Overs
  • Food Tasting
  • Spa Days
  • Bedtime

Medical Uses

THC, CBD, and CBN are all found in Afgooey, making it one of the top medical marijuana strains on the market. If you are experiencing any mental or physical ailments, small or large, odds are this strain is going to wipe those feelings straight away. 


Many people who deal with inflammation, or those who think they have it, really don’t know what it is. When inflammation occurs, it is actually your bodies response in protecting itself from illness, infection, or injury. Inflammation can be brought on by ignoring your bodies attempt at telling you that something is wrong. Afgooey won’t medically fix the underlying issue of inflammation, but it can help to reduce the symptoms. Pain, heat, swelling, and loss of function, will be wiped away, allowing users to be in peace. 

Stress, Anxiety and PTSD

With THC and CBD, this strain works fantastically for those dealing with stress, anxiety, and even PTSD. Since it changes your mind into feeling cheery and perky, other emotions get tucked away. The CBD content in it allows those who typically get paranoid, or panic from marijuana, to enjoy Afgooey without fear. It can be great for those sensitive to THC, or cannabis in general. 


Afgooey is beneficial to those who deal with any type of sleep issues, especially insomnia. Unlike the movies, which make you believe insomnia solely consists of people sitting up all night watching TV, there are a long list of symptoms.  

People who deal with fatigue, appetite issues, cognitive impairment and behavioral issues might experience insomnia. Afgooey helps a person fall asleep, but also allows R.E.M sleep, which is crucial for your body. R.E.M sleep is necessary for people to get the full benefits the body and mind need, in order to function correctly throughout the day. 

Workout Recovery

In the world of sports and fitness, marijuana is a hot topic, and many users have strong opinions about it. Some believe marijuana has no place in the fitness world, and others swear by it in helping them recover and heal. Most suggest that you don’t knock it, until you try it. 

If you are going to use this as a form of recovery, it makes the most sense to do it in the form of lotions, oils or edibles. Smoking isn’t a great idea for those who are into physical fitness, and overall health. In addition, smoke isn’t great to put into your lungs, primarily if you are focusing on running, or anything related to cardio type exercises. 

Professional MMA fighter Nick Diez uses strains like Afgooey daily to help relieve body pain after a day of sparing. He swears by cannabis, and is one of the most significant supporters of it within the fitness world. He doesn’t hide his love for marijuana, and preaches to anyone who will listen, about its healing properties. He loves strains like this so much, he would rather pay a drug fine, than to discontinue the use of it before a big fight. 

Afgooey Can Also be Great for:

  • Cramps
  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Hangovers
  • Nausea 
  • Muscle Spasms 

The CBD content in this strain is excellent for users who are trying to treat headaches, and migraines. Sometimes, marijuana can cause a buildup of tension behind users’ eyes, but that is not the case with this strain, so those with head pains, don’t need to fear additional pressure. Migraine users can use this strain, and be confident it will relieve their aches and pains, without causing pressure behind the eyes. 

Vegans, in particular, love using cannabis medically, since they know it is a plant from the ground. They don’t need to check ingredients to make sure animals weren’t used in the product, or to see if animals were used in the testing of the drug. 


The aroma that is found with this strain is earth, pine, citrus, and grape. Depending on your palate, you might notice one scent more than the others. 

Grinding the buds down will release more of a pepper and skunky smell. Keep in mind that Afgooey has sticky buds, so a grinder will need to be used in order to grind them correctly, or you will get an uneven smoke. 


This strain has an exceedingly good flavor for being a descendant of the Afghan family. A sweet grape flavor will be tasted on the inhale, and on the exhale, users can expect a spicy herbal. The air around the smoker will smell of citrus and earth, making a full experience from start to finish. For an Indica strain, it has a smooth smoke, which is pleasant for those who want to use this in bed before sleeping. 

Some people have compared this strain to chewing on a grape tootsie roll. 


If you remember the start of this article, Afgooey isn’t readily available in seed form, however, recently more online retailers have them for sale. Growing Afgooey as a clone, from clippings, is the suggested route to go. The seeds of this strain are a bit pricy, one seed can cost $6, and a bag of 150 seeds will run you about $938. The seeds are feminized, which is something to keep in mind. 

Clippings can be grown indoors, or outdoors, and is an average plant to grow in terms of difficulty. It grows best in semi-humid climates, but it’s landrace roots makes it flexible to temperature change. 

Growing Techniques

This plant grows short and bushy with strong branches, which means growers don’t’ need to be too concerned with branch strengthening techniques. Topping of the plants will help sunlight reach the bottom, and promote a healthy yield. 

How much of a yield will the Afgooey plant provide? Average yields are expected from this plant, and the total growing time is about eight weeks. 

Reports have stated that this plant does better when grown indoors, and some type of air regulating system is required. This strain is pungent, and not having some type of air filtration system is just not a good idea. Even if you don’t mind the smell of cannabis, your clothing is at risk of permanently smelling like the plant. 


Afgooey has small, medium-sized buds, that are dense and solid in structure. The flowers and leaves vary in size and shape, and put off a very potent smell. 

Afgooey gets its name directly from the appearance of the trichomes found on the plant. They are full of resin that bust out with goo, which is abundantly found throughout the light green plants. 

Similar Strains 

If you were unfamiliar with the Afgooey strain until today, you might be wondering if there are similar strains, and the answer is yes! For more strains like this one, check out the following:

  • French Toast
  • Hardcore OG
  • Soul Shine
  • Velvet Bud
  • Destroyer
  • Thai Sticks
  • Maple Leaf Indica
  • Monkey Paw
  • Dutch Treat
  • Rock Bud
  • Blue Dream
  • X Files
  • Chong Star
  • Green Ribbon

People in Washington and Oregon should be able to have no trouble finding these strains. 

Adverse Effects

Afgooey strains, with both CBD and THC, are one of the main reasons why medical marijuana is becoming legal in the United States. No, not every state is legal as of now, but in the years to come, it has an excellent shot to be. This is because marijuana can be beneficial therapeutically, without having a long list of side effects like narcotics. 

The only adverse effects users should be worried about running into include dry eyes, and dry mouth. When you compare dry eyes and a dry mouth to the long list of side effects users will get from pharmaceutical drugs, the choice is really a no brainer.


Curious as to what people who have tried this strain have thought? Let’s take a look at some first-hand reviews so you can find out for yourself.

  • I prefer to vape this strain vs. smoking it out of a pipe or bong. I noticed when Afgooey is vaped, it hits quicker and provides me with hyperfocus. 
  • This is my favorite “mid-grade” Indica strains. When smoked I myself taste more of pine vs. a fruit, but my friends have stated otherwise. As a seasoned pro, I do recommend you go light on this stuff. I smoke every day, and this hit me harder than I had expected after just a quick one hit. 
  • I haven’t been able to find this in flower, but I was able to find a bit of this in shatter form.
  • If you are a cannabis professional, then you should be safe to use this strain any time of day, and if you are new, then my motto to you is “Nightime is the right time.”  
  • While the taste is decent, I didn’t think the overall smell was that great. When compared to other Indicas, this one just didn’t do it for me in the aroma department. 
  • I was surprised at how this strain made me feel relaxed but creative. I found it was great to use at the end of a workweek when I spend time writing poems and writing in my journal. 

Final Thoughts 

Afgooey is an Indica strain that brings all the useful properties of THC and CBD. Grape, earth, spice, and herbs round out this strain into a unique aroma experience. 

Depending on what type of marijuana user you are, this strain can either knock you out, or just leave you feeling relaxed, but still mobile. 


Intrinsic Hemp does not sell any marijuana (THC) products. This article is provided for informational purposes only. View our full line of quality hemp-derived CBD products here.

Due to FDA Regulations, we recommend that you do your own research on CBD products. We also suggest that you read the reviews on our website, where our customers record their real-world results of using our products.


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