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Tangie may be the most boss daddy strain of the marijuana community. This Sativa dominant strain won ten awards in ten months at the Cannabis Cup; that’s one award per month for ten straight months. Most people can’t even make it to the gym for ten months in a row. With THC levels coming in at 22%, it will give lazy folks the boost they need, to actually make it to that dreaded treadmill, and still have enough energy to get a workout in.

Tangie is a true hybrid, that gives users the best of both worlds, with its effects, but also with its aroma profile. A bit of tangerine sweet is mixed with a bit of skunk, and the end result pleases a wide range of palates.

The breakdown of this strain is 70/30 Sativa to Indica. CBD enthusiasts will be happy to hear, that this strain does, in fact, contain some, measuring in at 0.1%.


Tangie was named in honor of the 90’s marijuana strain, Tangerine Dream. A few in the cannabis community believe Tangie to be a remake of the OG Tangerine Dream, but its genetics will tell you otherwise; this is why Tangie is sometimes referred to as Tangie OG.

DNA Genetics are the breeders of Tangie, and have been in the marijuana game for over thirteen years. As different regions and countries make weed legal, DNA genetics enters those areas, and partners with companies to help them in the right direction. They are a reputable company, and will continue to grow in popularity as cannabis continues to grow in legality.

Parent Strains

Tangie is brought to you by the California Orange marijuana strain, and an educated guess is that Skunk #1 is the other parent. Skunk #1 isn’t the official second parent strain, but it is a logical guess for the skunk component found in Tangie.

Taking a peek at both will give insight into the traits of Tangie marijuana.

California Orange

California Orange marijuana is an easy strain to grow, and provides perfect hybrid effects. The aroma is comparable to orange zest, and is pleasant to the nostrils, from bud to smoke. Smaller doses will offer more of a clear, workable head high, and heavy doses will leave you feeling fatigued.

Skunk #1

Skunk #1 is responsible for a large variety of skunk breeds, so it would only make sense for this to be the other parent strain of Tangie. With its diverse genetics, that span worldwide, Skunk #1 has been a heavy hitter for centuries.

Sour earth, reminiscent of wet leaves, and skunk tones, surround this strain from growth to smoke. It is potent and leaves a trail behind all those who use it.


Tangie possesses a THC content that is reasonably average for today’s strains, and it is suitable for all types of users. As is valid with other Sativas, this strain provides users a clear head high, leaves them feeling uplifted, and gives them bursts of energy.

It is optimal to use in the morning, afternoon, or early night-time hours. Those looking for a wake and bake strain can use this, before they even step their feet out of bed.

Clear Head High

A clear head high will provide consumers with a sharp, or heightened focus, to get tasks done. People who are in a slump, at work or school, can use Tangie to keep on moving through the day. Ideas, thoughts, and memories won’t be fogged by a smoke veil, so people can use this before any type of work or recreational activity.

After consuming this strain, you won’t be completely clueless about what you are doing.


Those who are worried about being a lazy bag of potatoes can smoke Tangie without a single worry. This strain brings on feelings of euphoria, in your head, and also your body. After a bit, you will physically start to feel lighter, and you can almost see the stress radiate out of your body.


Tangie provides users with Sativa hybrid effects that really can’t get any more perfect. The THC and CBD in combination means people can think outside of their typical headspace, without viewing things from Woodstock-land, or a psychedelic trippy place.

Creativity doesn’t always need to entail a monumental moment, and sometimes, all a person needs is a viewpoint outside of their comfort zone. Tangie allows a person to get past their own self-doubt, which in turn helps them create things they typically would have stopped themselves from doing.


Tangie leaves users with the type of happy that makes adversaries shake hands, and become friends again. It helps consumers not sweat the small stuff, which includes grudges against friends and holding on to past annoyances. Whoever invented the quote “don’t worry, be happy” must have been a big fan of Tangie, or a similar type of strain. That, of course, is a joke; everyone knows Bob Marley was an avid voice within the marijuana community, and really loved spreading peace.

Recreational Uses

Tangie is a strain that can recreationally be used individually, or with others. Sativas are high social strains to use before, or during, any type of group gathering. Just mentioning the word Tangie will perk up anyone’s ear who is somewhat familiar with marijuana. It’s a fun strain that can heighten the level of any party.

Pairs Well With:

  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Game Nights

Compatible With Drinks

Many people like to pair Tangie with drinking, which does not work with many strains.

Some people want only to drink or smoke, and mixing the two often gives people the spins, and gives them an upset stomach. Tangie is a strain that can be combined with things such as wine or beer tastings, tapas meals, or festivals. Users can pair marijuana and drinks without fear of adverse effects, which means going to restaurants just got a lot more fun.

A few restaurants are starting to do wine and marijuana tastings, which is a real treat for your palate, or nose, and can be a fun activity many have never done before.

Medical Uses

The Tangie marijuana strain is great for medical users who want to medicate, while still being able to move, and go about their day.

The THC and CBD in this strain is a great one-two punch for almost any medical ailment, illness, or disease.

ADD, ADHD and Space Cadets

Space Cadet might not be a proper medical term, but we have all had days where our mind seems to wander, to a place we just can’t pull it back from. ADD and ADHD present more severe levels of distraction, and Tangie can help focus thoughts, so people can do their jobs accurately.

An employer can’t fire you for having ADD or ADHD, but they can let you go if you aren’t getting your work done. Tangie can help people get their job done, and excel through higher positions within the company.

Migraines and Headaches

The Tangie marijuana strain is felt instantly, behind the eyes and in the head, which means that migraines and headaches are the first things that can be pushed out of the way.

Many users have been searching for reasons why they get migraines, and have tried multiple pain management pills to no avail. People have moved to states where strains like Tangie are legal, so that they can be migraine free, and function throughout the day, which improves their overall quality of life.

Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

The effects of Tangie are super for fighting stress, depression, and anxiety. An elevation in mood is excellent at battling any ailment that puts you in a negative headspace, like these three.

Try Tangie in the form of edibles to give you the longest-lasting effects, so you don’t have to worry about anxiety, or stress, hitting you at the end of the day.

Digestive Issues

Digestive issues can debilitate people in many ways, including; loss of appetite, heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, swallowing problems, and just straight up indigestion issues.

Fixing digestive issues can help fix a wide range of other medical ailments. Tangie can, therefore, be great for cancer patients, or anyone else who battles these symptoms daily.


People who battle headaches, body pain and upset stomachs are those who suffer from hangovers. While a hangover isn’t technically a doctor prescribed illness, it sure does feel like one. Tangie can help cure any type of hangover, which means adults don’t have to sit in bed all day, and waste their Sundays.

Negative Effects

Dry eyes and a parched mouth, are not quite severe enough to classify as an adverse effect, and should instead be referred to as annoyances. Just like anything that is dry, the remedy is going to be liquids, in the form of water, or eye drops.

Novice smokers might feel a bit overwhelmed if they take a hefty dose of this strain, due to the THC content. This is why newbies are advised to start slow, and increase doses are their body gets used to it.


Tangie is going to have an aroma that resembles the name: citrus, tangerine, sweet, sour, and a surprising bit of skunk. The skunk aroma comes from its parent strain Skunk #1.

Tangie marijuana can be smoked inside, without stinking up the whole place, and leaves a pleasant aroma behind, instead of a skunky weed smell. Use this in the car, or any other small space, without bothering those around you.


The taste is going to match the aroma, which is a nice pleasant surprise to consumers. Nothing is worse than having a delightful smelling strain end up tasting like earth inside the mouth.

The smoke is smooth, and a sweet taste is left on the tongue of those who choose to smoke this strain.


Those who are currently looking to grow the Tangie strain are in luck! When Tangie was first being developed, DNA Genetics kept this strain under strict lock and key. They chose to wait a few years, before they introduced a phenotype of it to the world. DNA Genetics currently sells this strain in photoperiod, and auto-flowering.

Tangie is a moderately tricky and challenging strain to grow, and isn’t for those who are lazy. Tangie plants grow tall, so topping and pruning practices are necessary, as well as brach support systems. Growing will continue into the 5th week, which is extraordinary considering this plant only takes seven to nine weeks to develop.

This strain can be grown both indoors or outdoors, and can additionally thrive in a greenhouse setting. Ideal temperatures for this plant are dry and warm, measuring in at 68-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Curious about which method is best to grow the Tangie marijuana strain? The Screen of Green method is the preferred method and will allow growers the luxury of increasing multiple colas. When the SOC method is not used, growers run into the issue of producing one single top bud.

Adding microbes to the growing process can help the plant be healthy, and can help fight off growing issues like mold, mildew, and insects.


The indoor yield growers should look for, is about 14-19 ounces per square meter. Make sure you grow it in a room that has enough height, because you don’t want the plant to bend and break.


Like any plant, outdoor yields are naturally going to produce a larger amount, and Tangie will give growers a return of 18-20 ounces. To get the most enjoyment for your buck, grow this plant in diverse soil.

September to early October is the best time to start thinking about harvesting the Tangie plant.


Unlike the stand out aroma to Tangie, the appearance is nothing to write home about. It looks very much like any other standard plant. The buds are light and dark green in color, and have orange pistils throughout.

The buds are tiny, compact, and very dense all-around.

Similar Strains

Tangie is an award-winning strain, and while this can be an everyday type of weed, a person only can handle one flavor continuously for so long.

Humans don’t eat the same meals every day, and they don’t want the same marijuana strain every day. Life is full of choices, why not use them all.

For strains that are similar to Tangie, but offer a bit of variation, then look for the following strains:

  • Aspen OG
  • Tangerine Power
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Emerald Jack
  • Tangie Dream
  • Citrus Sunshine Haze
  • Sour Tangie
  • Big Smooth
  • Purple Tangie
  • Sensi Skunk
  • Connie Chung
  • BC Sweet Tooth
  • City of God
  • Harmony
  • OG Diesel Kush
  • Jack Herer
  • King Cake
  • B4
  • Green Line OG

Where to Find Tangie

Tangie can be found most abundantly in California, Washington, and Oregon.

Tangie User Reviews

If reading about a strain doesn’t connect with you, perhaps user reviews will be your cup of tea! Below is a list of actual human reviews of those who have tried the Tangie strain.

  • This strain is a creeper and took over 15+ minutes to kick in fully. My entire body felt like I just drank a giant white claw, and it was tingling, almost like the feeling you get from carbonation.
  • Tangie is a very sticky weed, and the overall effects level off pretty fast. You will suddenly feel high and then wonder why you choose to smoke in the first place. It is at this point you may begin to start to talk to yourself.
  • I love to put Tangie in the oil form, and I directly drop some into my drinks. I don’t know why, but that has been my favorite way to consume this strain.
  • I use this to medicate myself in order to be creative and think with a clear head. I like strains to enhance my mind, not cloud them, and block them from artistic thoughts.
  • Instantly smelling this strain will make your mouth start to water. Favorite strain to cure the winter blues.
  • I love this strain to get me energized, both mentally and physically. I work at a dispensary, and a ton of people come in saying this is the strain to help with mood swings.

Final Thoughts

Tangie is a marijuana strain that is on many people’s bucket lists, and should be a strain you try today. With both THC and a tiny bit of CBD, this is a strain all marijuana types will enjoy.

Those looking for a sweet, citrus, and delicious aroma will be all smiles when they bring the Tangie marijuana strain home. As always, remember to buy Tangie from a legit seller, or you won’t get the full enjoyment of this particular marijuana strain.

With so many awards at the Cannabis Cup, this marijuana strain is here to stay for as long as marijuana is consumed.


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