Scottish Mother Vows Hunger Strike to Protest Strict Cannabis Laws


A Scottish mother has revealed that she intends to go on hunger strike outdoors Downing Street to stress the British government into relaxing cannabis laws.

Karen Gray’s seven-year-old son, Murray, demands cannabis oil to treat a uncommon kind of epilepsy that leaves him unable to consume, speak, and stroll. He received a prescription for Bedrolite and Bedrocan from a Dutch medical professional in March 2019, and it worked wonders, but it fees his family members £1,200 ($1,550) per month to import it from the Netherlands.

Gray does not have that revenue accessible, so she has resorted to on the web donations to raise the funds to spend for her son’s medicine. She feels that scenario can’t go on, as donations will ultimately dry up, so she has been lobbying the government to finish stringent NHS recommendations and permit Murray to achieve a prescription from his nearby overall health authority.

Britain officially legalized healthcare cannabis in October 2018, but harsh and inflexible NHS recommendations – laid down by the Royal College of Physicians and The British Paediatric Neurology Association – have prevented all but a handful of individuals from really getting it.

The National Institute for Overall health and Care Excellence (Good) lately sparked fury amongst campaigners by ruling that cannabis ought to not be employed to treat MS and chronic discomfort. Yet the mainstream media continues to run poignant stories about sick young children unable to achieve access to the medicine they will need, piling stress on the government to act.

Gray is portion of a campaign group known as Finish Our Discomfort. Final month she joined a quantity of campaigners as they marched via Westminster to plead with the British government to make healthcare cannabis much more extensively accessible.

She stated her lobbying efforts have not prompted a response, and she now plans to take drastic action. Gray claims that at least 17 other mothers will join her in going on hunger strike outdoors the Homes of Parliament till their pleas are answered.

“We’re at a desperate scenario, we’ve certainly had adequate, we really feel like we’ve got no choice and we have to do a thing drastic,” stated Gray.


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