Pure A single Vapes Are Getting Counterfeited


Pure is a vape organization operating out of California. We’ve covered a couple Pure solutions, the Pure Vibe and the Pure THC syringe, just before. Inevitably, Pure has gotten to be a massive adequate brand that counterfeit knock-offs have begun to seem.

That is the very first point to to know about Pure Vape solutions is that they do not sell on the internet. They have a list of licensed distributors exactly where you may perhaps uncover their solutions for sale. The second point to note is that their distributors are only in California, so if you uncover a Pure Vape sold by a distributor outdoors California, it is also not kosher.

The Pure organization even utilizes “a proprietary triple distilled oil,” aimed to be solvent-totally free and tested to be pesticide totally free. So if you are receiving a counterfeit, none of these requirements would naturally be in impact.

The listing on DHGate for Pure A single Vape hits 205 outcomes!

Usually we uncover half a dozen or so listings. Pure have to have exploded in recognition on the black marketplace for it to have this several. Pure A single is, naturally, their cartridge model.

In addition, a handful of bunk cartridges have clearly hit the streets by now, as reported by reviewers who have encountered shoddy imitation solutions:

bad review of fake

Not only that, but a concerned Redditor encountered suspicious cartridges in this thread, which provides us a handful of other clues. The consumer got the cartridge from a delivery service. Delivery solutions in California, not to point fingers, have been recognized to be conduits for counterfeit cartridges. There’s a ton of fly-by-evening THC delivery solutions listed on web pages like Yelp, several of them actually closing down their web site inside weeks of their single assessment.

We discovered a black marketplace seller on Twitter:

illicit cartridge operation

In reality, that complete hashtag soup there lists the who’s who of often counterfeited or fake brands. Intelligent Carts, TKO, and of course the ubiquitous Dank. Smart vape customers could just want to make it a rule of thumb from now on: Any distributor who even lists Dank, bail out pronto. Do not pass “Go”!

Here’s yet another red flag:

illegal cartridge distribution on Twitter

“You do not see it you inform me I got it” – that is for the reason that he’s ordered truckloads of low-priced empties off DHGate for pennies apiece and it is the similar bunk he’s pouring into just about every cartridge. Brand and strain information imply practically nothing!

Not to mention in the very first location, Pure A single does not sell on the internet, ever, so just about every distributor supplying to sell you Pure Ones more than Twitter is a sham. We’ll say the similar for Instagram, Facebook, and so on.

Pure A single customers: Encountered a counterfeit?

We’re all ears! Thank you vigilant readers in your continuing efforts to maintain the vape neighborhood secure! Speak to us right here in the comments or in our forum.



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