Factors to Quit Marijuana #four – Economic


This is Element #four of a four component series on my cause to quit smoking weed.

As observed in Element 1, Element two and Element three, I think that it is a excellent thought to develop an inventory of all of the causes that I want to quit smoking weed. This servers two purposes: To clarify the adverse effects of marijuana addiction in my life, and to use as a reference guide when I crave smoking pot, and consider about relapsing.

The Unfavorable Effects of Marijuana on my Finances:

Expense of Marijuana: My prior post on How Substantially my Addiction to Pot Has Expense Me, shows how high-priced this habit can develop into. Add it up for your self, its astounding what takes place when this goes unchecked in the extended term.

I designed this calculator that you can use to calculate how significantly you spent.

Paying Bills: I overlook to spend my bills on time, or even open them. I generally leave my banking to the final feasible moment. My cell telephone often gets disconnected. In the previous, I have had Television and Telephone service disconnected. Not simply because I didn’t have the funds, just I was stoned all the time and under no circumstances believed of it.

Arranging Ahead: I haven’t saved something for a residence. I do not program nicely or have a spending budget from month to month. I have a tendency to reside in the present moment, or just far adequate ahead in the future when stoned. Becoming in the stoned bubble truly blurs the potential to appear into the future.

Incidental Costs: I consume a lot of low nutrition, higher expense foods when I smoke marijuana. Immediately after smoking pot, its widespread to get the munchies and consume rapid meals. Also, I am much less motivated to make my personal meals, or even go the grocery retailer to get new meals. When not smoking, I consume healthier and am far more conscious of my meals alternatives.

Inability to program ahead: (2019 update): Seeking back – I realized I didn’t have the potential to program ahead or set a spending budget.  I now spending budget each month and have far more manage more than my finances.  I was capable to get out of debt not too long ago and began to place my funds toward far more productive and healthful activities like a health club membership and superior meals!


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