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9 Ought to-Attempt Eighths for California Guests

Eighths are the quintessential measurement for entire cannabis flower made use of by dispensaries and delivery solutions. The term “eighth” refers to an eighth of an ounce, which comes out to three.54356033875. Cannabis retailers just round down to three.five grams per an eighth of cannabis or hemp flower. They’re the ideal quantity to roll a couple of blunts, a couple of joints, or numerous bowls. If you are a California resident or visitor, right here are some of the greatest eighths you can obtain in the state.

1. Henry’s Original

Mendocino County is portion of California’s famed Emerald Triangle, recognized for a lengthy history of cannabis cultivation. Henry’s Original develop all-organic outside cannabis flower on wealthy and fertile soil. Their tiny-batch and family members-run marijuana farms harness the energy of the sun to make well known eighths of strains such as Banana Cookies, Blackberry Sour, CBD Coast two:1, CBD Ritual 20:1, and Sour Amnesia amongst numerous much more.

two. Canndescent

Canndescent has dominated the California market place with its luxury merchandise featuring sleek packaging and accessible possibilities for 1st-timers. Shoppers are in a position to opt for from 5 signature effects: Cruise, Connect, Charge, Develop, and Calm. Canndescent permits anybody to merely answer the query, “how do you want to really feel?” They’re also committed to environmental sustainability. Canndescent is the 1st to set up a industrial-scale indoor hydroponic cultivation run by solar energy.

three. Lowell Herb Co

Lowell Herb Co not too long ago created history by opening up the country’s 1st cannabis restaurant/cafe in West Hollywood. Just before the restaurant, they had currently been a significant player with merchandise in 350 retailers and one particular of the greatest-promoting pre-roll corporations in the state. Lowell Herb Co gives shoppers an organically-grown flower at an economical price tag. Lowell’s eighths are the ideal buds for rolling a joint or packing a bowl. Shoppers can take pleasure in a wide variety of strains in eighths like White Mango and Chocolate Truffle.

four. Flow Kana

California cannabis producers are at the forefront of sustainable cultivation practices. Flow Kana is a leader in sustainably-grown and tiny-batch cannabis flower. They companion with multi-generational farmers who use organic practices, hand-trimming, and the energy of the sun to make cannabinoid and terpene-wealthy buds. Pre-packaged eighths come in a recyclable and UV-protected amber glass jar. Each and every jar is colour-coded to indicate the strain and impact. Well-known Flow Kana eighths include things like Pink Lemonade, Phoenix, and Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

five. Dime Bag

According to information from the cannabis analytics corporation Headset, Dime Bag’s eighths are at present some of California’s greatest-promoting flower merchandise. Dime Bag especially caters to their merchandise “for the men and women who just want to get higher and have exciting.” Do not let their laissez-faire ethos fool you. They take their cultivation seriously by working with organic nutrients and soil to make economical eighths of Skywalker OG, Strawberry Cough, Larry OG, Mendo Breath, and Clementine.

six. Caliva

Caliva is one more significant cannabis producer who has been in a position to get a substantial flower market place share with varied item choice and celebrity partnerships (e.g. Jay Z). They also present topicals, tinctures, edibles, and much more. In terms of eighths, Caliva sells eighths of Alien OG, Sour Diesel Lemon Kush, and Z Cube. They’ve also listed other eighth possibilities coming quickly of Venom OG, Wedding Cake, and Blackjack strains.

7. Humboldt Farms

It is no surprise that some of the greatest cannabis flowers come from the Emerald Triangle, especially Humboldt County. Humboldt Farms produces sun-grown cannabis working with sustainable cultivation strategies and sturdy seed genetics. The outcome is a trichome-heavy flower packaged with a wood best and a muted and earthy-colored label with a colorful image of Redwood trees. Humboldt Farms tends to make a variety of eighths of strains like Cookies, OG Kush, Purple Punch, and Mendo Breath. Their CBD eighths include things like Remedy 25:1 and Ringo’s Present.

eight. Alien Labs

Considering the fact that 2015, Alien Labs has stocked dispensary shelves across the state with a wide variety of premium strains. Now, they make potent and boutique strains such as Region 41, Baklava, Sherbacio, and Gelato 41. Alien Labs has been in a position to keep a steady and loyal customer base due to its dedication to tiny-batch indoor flower. No matter what eighth you get from Alien Labs, you are going to really feel out-of-this-planet.

9. Connected

Connected has racked up several awards for their exotic line of flower, albeit, a bit on the pricey side. Shoppers can opt for from flavorful and higher-top quality strains such as Gushers, Rocky Road, Gelonade, Biscotti, N’ice Cream, and much more. If you are hunting for exclusive genetics from your eighths, then turn to any of Connected’s uncommon strains.


These are only a couple of of the numerous tiny-batch, organic, and sustainable flower merchandise coming from California producers. Irrespective of whether you are in the Bay Region, San Diego, Los Angeles, or Ventura, you are bound to discover lab-tested, potent, and flavorful strains in eighths. Interested in studying much more about buying, expanding, cooking, and extracting marijuana? Invest in CTU certification coaching on all factors cannabis to empower your life and profession.


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