Tuckered by Ideology – Understanding the Thoughts of the Willfully Ignorant Tucker Carlson


Tuckered by Ideology – Understanding the thoughts of the willfully ignorant

If somebody is willfully ignorant, no matter what you say or what proof you offer – they will stick to their narrative. This is simply because their narrative is intrinsically intertwined with their ego and if it comes beneath threat, you take a jab at the incredibly core of the identity of the individual.


Tucker Carlson is 1 such a individual who lately commented on the Home passing the Protected banking Act with three:1 assistance on the matter. Tucker complained that congress is also preoccupied with “small things” and need to be focusing on the bigger matters at hand.


Tucker also didn’t offer any scientific proof or logical arguments to assistance his disdain for the passing of the Act. Rather, he spewed forth his ideological reasoning which was nicely received inside his echo chamber.


Nowadays, we’re going to be addressing some of the “arguing points” that Tucker produced about cannabis – and sub-sequentially destroy them.


Let’s start off!


Legalization would enable Weed Dealers


Properly no shit Tucker! Men and women who are inside the reputable space would advantage from not getting the Federal government seize their funds and disrupt their enterprise. It will also enable these who develop cannabis, distribute cannabis and operate inside the legal framework. As a outcome, this will enable healthcare sufferers and recreational sufferers to not have to be concerned about the Federal government intervening in their provide.


As a “Conservative” American, Tucker need to be in favor of person liberties and smaller sized government. But, when it comes to weed, abruptly government regulating (as opposed to disrupting) is a poor factor. In reality, the Federal government regulating the cannabis marketplace would imply “smaller-significantly less-intrusive-government” which need to be a conservative principle.


But his ideological strategy to the issue sits in direct opposition to his moralistic views on cannabis, and as a outcome, he has to abandon 1. It appears, that Tucker is far a lot more of a “moralist” than a “conservative”, even although there could possibly be overlapping ideas.


Drug Epidemic is not weed



“So in the middle of the deadliest drug epidemic in our history, the only factor Congress can agree on is it ought to be simpler to sell drugs to Americans.” – Tucker Carlson


The issue with this concept is that Tucker is conflating the Opioid epidemic with cannabis consumption. This only shows us that Carlson has no correct understanding of drugs whatsoever, and even significantly less about the opioid epidemic.


The only proof we have noticed hence far is that when cannabis is a lot more obtainable, it gives options to opioids for discomfort management. Even though it is not confirmed that it reduces deaths, there is proof to recommend this.


Secondly, cannabis is a basic human ideal. To have it illegal is the correct crime simply because basically it signifies that you are not the final authority more than your personal thoughts and physique.


They want you dumb!


Here’s an additional Tuckerism for ya


“And for an additional, when you mismanage the nation this badly, you want the men and women to be so out of it they do not respond. That is truly correct. They want you to be dumb.”


The factor is, that the men and women who have been most vocal about the poor functionality of the government are “cannabis smokers”. We have been commenting on the government forever. In reality, it can be argued that this is 1 of the incredibly motives why cannabis remained illegal for so extended. In the 1960s, the CIA did experimentations on distinct substances to see if they can figure out the complete “mind control” factor.


Soon after considerably testing, they discovered that cannabis is “not suitable” for thoughts manage and that in several instances it acted as an “inoculant” to thoughts manage. In other words, cannabis in fact tends to make you feel a tad bit a lot more critically.


And this is exactly where Carlson gets it incorrect totally. His apparent lack of knowledge with cannabis tends to make him feel that “smoking dope” will make you “thick, slow and dumb”. This is simply because he has been programmed by the government to feel like this. He, becoming “sober”, nonetheless does not have the insight or capacity to see that the government has been spreading lies and misinformation on cannabis for decades.


Advocates have noticed the strings pulled behind the scenes for decades. We are the most vocal about our disdain about the government and the apparent “rigged system” we reside in.


Moreover, smoking weed is not like acquiring blasted on booze. You nonetheless have the capacity to feel, react and engage with your surroundings. Of course, consuming 15 brownies will knock you on your ass, but who does that each day? No 1!


Most men and women consume cannabis responsibly, and if the government is prepared to enable enterprises to operate legally, then these Tuckerisms want to be laid to rest. Ideologues can not see previous their personal narratives regrettably. Interestingly, weed would likely enable them break out of their personal prejudices and restricting paradigms – Nevertheless, their moralistic opposition leaves them in the space of the “willfully ignorant”.


Sorry Tuck, You have abso-fucking-lutely no concept what you are speaking about.









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