Trussville couple plans to open ‘The Pink Cannabis CBD Oil Retailer and Lounge’ on Key Street – The Trussville Tribune


By Erica Thomas, managing editor

TRUSSVILLE — A neighborhood couple is arranging to open a CBD oil shop and lounge in the heart of downtown Trussville. The Pink Cannabis CBD Oil Retailer and Lounge will be positioned at 194 Key Street, pending inspections and organization license approval.

Dee and Mike Edwards are in the procedure of designing the space for their new shop. They would like to open for organization by the finish of November or the starting of December.

“I am excited to bring this to Trussville residents, to educate the neighborhood and to show them unique strategies to implement CBD oil into their regimen,” mentioned Dee Edwards.

The shop will carry CBD-infused goods such as oils, teas, hand and foot wraps, feminine wash, face masks and edible goods, such as gummies.

“Everyone loves the gummies but our gummies are going to have additional milligrams than a lot of other franchises,” mentioned Dee Edwards. “Some of these areas have gummies with 10 milligrams but ours is going to be 50 milligrams for a gummy.”

The shop will carry higher-dosage CBD goods from six,000 milligrams. The level of THC in the goods will be from zero to .three%, according to Edwards.

“I come across that the CBD oil goods perform far better with a tiny bit of the THC in them. I do recommend monitoring levels, particularly for persons who have to take drug tests,” mentioned Dee Edwards.

The Edwards’ have been testing unique goods with household and mates to make certain they supply brands they trust.

“We will carry Mary Healthcare goods. Urban Bud, Charlotte’s Net, Funky Farms and we will be creating a wide variety of goods ourselves, such as CBD oil charcoal soap for skin situations,” mentioned Dee Edwards.

Dee Edwards’ inspiration came right after her father was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. She started researching option treatment options for discomfort in cancer sufferers.

“I located that marijuana was definitely excellent for cancer sufferers but it wasn’t legal right here in Alabama,” mentioned Dee Edwards. “So I began attempting to figure out what my father could take to assist with his discomfort level and that is when I located out about CBD oil goods.”

Edwards has due to the fact participated in substantial investigation, expos, conferences and workshops to educate herself on the use of CBD oil.

“It has low side-effects but it also reduces discomfort, inflammation, what ever is going on in your physique, there’s a CBD oil solution for it,” mentioned Dee Edwards.

For these who have attempted CBD goods and have not noticed an improvement, Dee Edwards mentioned she believes the larger dosage goods that will be presented at her shop will perform.

“For some issues, you have to get on a regime to definitely really feel the effects and see the distinction. If there is an individual possessing troubles with sleeping and relaxing, anxiousness or panic attacks, they’re additional most likely to knowledge the relief a lot faster than an individual who is in discomfort,” mentioned Dee Edwards.

She also believes CBD goods could be the answer to the country’s opioid epidemic.

“My father had intense discomfort beyond discomfort medicine,” she mentioned. “This is how persons finish up becoming addicted to discomfort medicine. I definitely do want to see persons who are addicted to discomfort medicine to come across other solutions.”

The Edwards’ hope their new shop will present Trussville residents and shoppers a good knowledge.

“People can come in and lounge about and drink coffee or tea that has CBD goods in them,” mentioned Mike Edwards. “It’s going to be definitely chic and upscale.”

The Edwards’ would like to open the shop by Black Friday 2019. They are nevertheless waiting on a fire inspection and a organization license approval.

Dee Edwards hopes that if Alabama legalizes marijuana, the organization will be capable to expand.

“I definitely want persons to be attracted to the shop. When they see cannabis I want them to feel of marijuana,” mentioned Dee Edwards.


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