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County of Riverside Challenges Reminder in Various Languages about Cannabis Guidelines

The County of Riverside is reminding potential cannabis growers that they ought to receive land-use approvals in unincorporated places prior to cultivating the plant for industrial purposes, according to a memo released Thursday.

The document, which was issued in 4 languages, comes amid stepped-up efforts by the Riverside County Sheriff&#8217s Division to eradicate illegal cannabis operations in the previous couple of months. Deputies have executed several search warrants, specifically in the Anza Valley, and have produced dozens of arrests in response to complaints from residents.

Land-use applications for legal cannabis operations are pending with the County of Riverside Transportation Land Management Agency but applicants have several measures to comprehensive prior to any proposals come for a vote prior to the Board of Supervisors. The application period opened just months ago, and pending applicants have till Oct. 30 to submit their conditional use permit paperwork. Added critiques and approvals will be necessary right after that deadline, so no industrial cultivation operations or dispensaries have been authorized.

Supervisor Chuck Washington, whose district involves the Anza Valley, collaborated with regional advocacy groups and Riverside County Counsel to draft the memo, which emphasizes the significance of getting each a land-use permit and valid state license prior to engaging in the cannabis market. The memo was translated in Spanish, Vietnamese and Hmong.

&#8220Illegal cannabis cultivation will not be tolerated in Riverside County, and my workplace has worked closely with Code Enforcement and the Riverside County Sheriff&#8217s Division to crack down on the risky black-industry grows in my district,&#8221 Supervisor Washington mentioned. &#8220I am committed to addressing the public security and good quality of life difficulties that illegal cannabis cultivation causes.&#8221

Sheriff Bianco stressed that his division focuses its eradication efforts on significant, industrial-sized cannabis operations. In a public service announcement released by his division, Bianco stated, &#8220If you personal or operate a single of these grows, you can anticipate a pay a visit to from us.&#8221

Residents can report suspected illegal cannabis cultivation to the Sheriff&#8217s Division at:

The memo, which summarizes the civil penalties for engaging in illegal cannabis operations, is out there in all 4 languages right here:

Extra details on the cannabis land-use method in Riverside County can be discovered on-line:

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Published: October 11, 2019