How to Spot Fake Stiiizy Vape Pen Pods


Stiiizy tends to make amazing vape pen pods, but negative actors are promoting knock-off versions. Provided the dangers with untested vaping cartridges, how can you inform if your Stiiizy pods are the genuine deal?

Stiiizy is recognized for creating higher-high quality, environmentally friendly weed vape pods. But knock-off versions of Stiiizy’s merchandise are cropping up on the black markets, and given that knock-offs do not undergo the exact same strenuous lab testing as Stiiizy’s legit pods, you will want to know what’s genuine and what’s fake to keep away from any wellness problems. And the greatest wellness challenge on everyone’s thoughts ideal now is the vaping illness epidemic that is currently claimed eight lives and hospitalized hundreds.

So, how can you inform if you have got a attempted-and-accurate Stiiizy pod? Right here are a couple of of the inform-tale indicators.

Verify for Appropriate Spelling on the Packaging

The easiest way to spot a fake Stiiizy pen pod is to very carefully appear at the words printed on the package. You will want to spend cautious focus to the brand name, Stiiizy. If there’s a typo, it is not a genuine Stiiizy. For instance, if there are a single, two, or a lot more than 3 “i”s in the name “Stiiizy,” it ain’t the genuine McCoy.

Fake Pods Come with a Black Plastic Insert

Bonafide Stiiizy pods do not come with a black plastic packaging insert. The enterprise stopped creating pods with black inserts back in June 2018. Newer, legit Stiiizys come with a white plastic insert.


Fake Stiiizy merchandise nevertheless come with the black plastic insert


New and genuine Stiiizy merchandise only come with a white plastic insert.

Fake Stiiizy Pods Are Filled with Thin Oil

Stiiizy prides itself on its higher-high quality vape pods, which only includes oils, cannabinoids, and terpenes extracted straight from cannabis. To verify the pod’s oil consistency without having breaking it open, you can conduct a bubble test at property. Just flip the cart upside down, and observe how immediately the air bubble floats to the top rated. If you have performed this test with genuine Stiiizy pods in the previous, you will have a superior notion how lengthy that bubble should really take to rise. In thinner, reduce-high quality oil — in other words, the fake stuff — the air bubble immediately rises to the top rated. If the oil is thin, you have got a knockoff on your hands.

Gallery — Here’s What Other Fake Vapes Appear Like:

Double-Verify THC Contents

If you currently know what the THC worth should really be for your pod’s weed strain, you can examine that worth to what’s listed on the package. If the numbers do not match up, you have most likely got a knockoff. Luckily, you can speak to Stiiizy’s client reps to confirm the THC percentage for any offered pod, and they’re a lot more than satisfied to enable you suss out the fakes.

Why Must I Care if My Stiiizy Pod is Fake? 

Two words: high quality and security. Most illicit marketeers that make fake Stiiizy pods are providing you a considerably reduce high quality solution, and frequently these fake pods are reduce with filler oils like polyethylene glycol (a element of cooking oil) or vitamin E acetate. Overconsumption of polyethylene glycol can trigger a kind of pneumonia in susceptible persons, and vitamin E acetate is presently getting investigated by the CDC as a lead to of the lethal lung illness connected to vaping illicit merchandise. 

Furthermore, fake Stiiizy pods most likely have significantly less THC than the packages indicate, and rip-off merchandise can also include contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals, which can lead to some actually unpleasant side effects.

Verify to See if the Distributor Is Identified for Promoting Fake Stiiizy Pods

If you strategy on buying your Stiiizy pen pods on the net, get familiar with some of the firms that are recognized for promoting fake Stiiizy merchandise:

•   Summer Vapor

•   Shenzhen NewVaping Electronic Technologies Co

•   Shenzhen Delphi Technologies Co

For instance, here’s a photo of Shenzhen NewVaping’s Stiiizy knockoff, and it is difficult to inform it is a fake:

(Hint: note the higher milligrams)



Fake Stiiizy pods are everywhere. Verify the packaging, oil high quality, and THC values to make certain they are the genuine deal. Far better however, acquire your Stiiizy pen pods from an authorized dealer (like a caregiver!) or legal dispensary. Otherwise, you threat ingesting some solution that is either unbelievably shitty or lethally hazardous to your wellness.


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