U.S. Surgeon Common Pushes Lies to Additional Anti-Cannabis Agenda



It is no secret that the United States government does not like marijuana. For decades, ill-conceived and unproven arguments have been the mainstay of the anti-cannabis movement.

Now, The Hill reports U.S. Surgeon Common Jerome Adams drank the proverbial Kool-Help, “warning” the population about marijuana by applying arguments that have been disproven lengthy ago, or can be very easily disproven with 5 minutes of study.

Irrespective of whether Adams really believes this or is merely hoping to stir up the confirmation bias of cannabis opponents is anything only he knows for certain. But a single factor we know is that his actions are irresponsible and do not excellent to his credibility or the public’s currently low trust in government.


Improve in Marijuana Use Amongst Youth


1 argument Surgeon Common Adams makes use of is the classic “think of the children” method. He claims that legalization increases youth marijuana consumption. We really covered this some time ago in a earlier write-up. The finds because then have not changed:


“Teen marijuana use is also falling, such as in legal cannabis states. In truth, information published in July in the journal ‘JAMA Pediatrics’ reports, ‘Consistent with the benefits of earlier researchers, there was no proof that the legalization of healthcare marijuana encourages marijuana use amongst youth. Moreover, … marijuana use amongst youth may well really decline following legalization for recreational purposes.’”


It is rather surprising that the surgeon basic – with all the sources at his disposal – was never ever informed of this. If he is so concerned for public overall health, he really should think about this to be excellent news. This leads us to think that his crusade is far more about politics than public overall health.


The Gateway Drug Argument


Of all the nonsense floating about, this argument is a single of the oldest, most renowned and lengthy-debunked claims about marijuana. And but this so-known as “expert” really brings it up.

Adams stated in a tweet that marijuana “primes the brain” to future addictions by “other substances.”

But practically absolutely everyone – even opponents – know this to be untrue. According to The Hill:


“‘[T]he majority of men and women who use marijuana do not go on to use other ‘harder’ substances.” Additionally, most men and women who experiment with cannabis cease their use of it by their late-twenties, commonly as they enter the workforce and commence to raise a loved ones.’”


The Hill also mentions research displaying marijuana’s prospective to lower cravings for other drugs.


Threat to the Establishing Brain


This is the only argument that comes close to obtaining any type of validity – but not due to any type of preliminary proof. The proof of this claim is inconclusive and undoubtedly not robust sufficient for a experienced like the surgeon basic to voice as truth.

The Hill mentions a study intended to learn what – if any – impact cannabis has youth brains. Researchers wrote in their conclusion:


“‘We located no variations in adult brain structure for boys in the distinct adolescent cannabis trajectory subgroups. Even boys with the highest level of cannabis exposure in adolescence showed subcortical brain volumes and cortical brain volumes and thickness in adulthood that have been related to boys with practically no exposure to cannabis all through adolescence.’”


“Fear-Mongering and Half-Truths”


The article’s author clarifies that this is not an try to make cannabis look benign. All drugs have dangers. But substances like tobacco and alcohol use amongst youth are at a “historic low” thanks to “evidence-primarily based education.” The surgeon general’s method deviates from this in the worst achievable way.

The Hill sums up the predicament completely by saying:


“Rather than engaging in worry-mongering and the telling of half-truths, the Surgeon Common would be far improved served advocating that we apply these exact same attempted-and-accurate techniques [used for alcohol and tobacco education] to a tightly regulated, adult-use cannabis industry.”



WeedAdvisor’s Emphasis on Accuracy and Honesty


In an era exactly where details is so very easily accessible, it is surprising – albeit somewhat forgivable – for the typical layperson to merely accept what they are told at face worth. But somebody in a position like Jerome Adams’s has a duty to uphold a great deal greater requirements.

The surgeon general’s “warnings” are not just ignorant, they are a blatant campaign of misinformation. Some may well give him the advantage of the doubt and assume that he was merely mistaken, but this is hugely unlikely. His position calls for a considerable level of qualification. He of all men and women really should comprehend the value of truth-checking.

Fortunately, the overwhelming well-liked help for legalization is not most likely to wane, as numerous of these men and women are pretty a great deal conscious of the inaccurate claims about marijuana.

Maybe Adams believed his position would give him sufficient credibility to make men and women accept his word as gospel. But this is not how it performs.

As Abraham Lincoln (allegedly) after stated:


“You can fool all the men and women some of the time, and some of the men and women all the time, but you can not fool all the men and women all the time.”




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