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CBD Oil Review rates Social CBD with four stars because it qualifies for the Quality, Mission, Charity & Innovation Badges.

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Social CBD: 60-Second Summary

Social CBD, formerly Select CBD, got its start as one of the first CBD purveyors in the vape space. They have developed high-quality vape pens that maintain temperature consistency for a great taste that customers love. Since launching in the vape sector, they have developed a full line of CBD products for people and pets. Social CBD earns the Quality Badge, demonstrating offerings that have proved highly effective for users. However, they come up short in safety due to a lack of published, verified testing of their compounds.

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Social CBD Brand Review

Social CBD is one of the leading manufacturers of vape pens. Originally, their founder saw a void in vape products for CBD oil application, so he decided to bring CBD to the vape market and into the public consciousness. The company has since branched out into CBD drops and pet relief, but the star of their lineup is undoubtedly their sophisticated vape pens.

Each Social CBD vape pen features a ceramic core cartridge that maintains temperature consistency and airtight locks that prevent waste. Every disposable vaporizer must pass through seven rounds of testing throughout the production process and features micro-dosing control to ensure precise intake. Flavors include lavender, grapefruit, cinnamon, spearmint, peppermint, and lemon and feature combinations of organically-sourced essential oils.

Social CBD claims they employ scientists to innovate solvent-free extraction and processing along with using industrial hemp free from dangerous pesticides. In addition to vape pens, their CBD comes in drops fused with beneficial herbs and essential oils for humans. For pets, they sell drops that are vegan but come in delicious dog-friendly flavors like bacon.

While Social CBD has undoubted premium quality happening in their vape pen line, we notice a lack of public testing and safety information. Though they claim their CBD is THC-free and subject to the “most progressive testing in the industry,” we are hard-pressed to find evidence of such testing. They may in fact employ adequate testing methods, but they’re not coming forward with those results.

To receive the Charity Badge, a CBD company must be actively involved one way or another with at least one charitable organization or endeavor. Charity tends to be popular in this space since most companies feel an ethical obligation in the first place to bring hemp’s healing properties to the masses. Unfortunately, Social CBD does not qualify for this badge.

Bottom line: Social CBD has premium vape pens and top-selling blends, but they fall short in safety transparency and charity.

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Badges For Social CBD

Social CBD ReviewQuality Verified
Social CBD uses industrial hemp free of solvents, THC, and pesticides. Their top-notch line of vape pens is their bread and butter.
Social CBD ReviewCharity Verified
Social CBD is committed to supporting veterans and first responders by offering a discount program which gives 20% off.
Social CBD ReviewMission Verified
Social CBD is committed to creating quality products that harness a spirit of innovation.
Social CBD ReviewInnovation Verified
Social CBD’s vape pens have a variety of innovative features that differentiate them from the competition and produce an accurately-dosed, pleasurable vape experience.

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Social CBD

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