Seattle Dispensary Launches Cannabis Packaging Recycle System To Fight Waste


In the hope that buyers will quit throwing out bulky but potentially recyclable cannabis solution packaging, 1 West Seattle marijuana retailer has announced an incentive plan to get shoppers to give them their trash.

Canna West Seattle owner Maryam Minateghi has instituted a plan for customers who want to bring in their marijuana packaging trash. It is a deal — specifically considering the fact that she does not even care if the trash came from her retailers.

“We do not consider this is some thing only we should really do, but we are seriously hoping to commence the conversation,” Minateghi told a nearby publication. “We are seriously hoping to build a greater connection in between the cannabis sector and the atmosphere in common.”

Washington state’s trouble with cannabis packaging pollution was documented by the Washington Post in August, when the paper published an post that addressed the doob tubes and Mylar bags that have been located bobbing in the Puget Sound.

“The historical cannabis neighborhood is environmentalist, but green rushers are not, necessarily,” the president of the Cannabis Alliance, Danielle Rosellion, told the publication at the time.

Several consider that cannabis regulators have gone overboard with packaging regulations in the interest of defending youngsters who might be otherwise exposed to

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