Letter: Stephanie Woodard’s marijuana policy is willful and incorrect


Hall County Solicitor Common Stephanie Woodward lately confirmed that her workplace will continue prosecuting misdemeanor marijuana circumstances. 

Her rationale for performing this is that she is “responsible for upholding the law.” This is, of course, full nonsense. That argument, extended utilised by prohibitionists to justify their behavior, no longer applies.

Having said that, an effortless out has been supplied to them by prosecutors in other counties who will no longer be going forward with misdemeanor marijuana circumstances. 

Brian Whiteside, the solicitor-basic of Gwinnett County, has stated that the cause that his workplace will not be performing so is simply because existing testing strategies can not distinguish involving illegal marijuana and lately legalized hemp. Conversely (perversely?), Ms. Woodard is hoping that the GBI will quickly be in a position to get started the approval course of action for a new test to distinguish the two. So, it is clear by that hope that she is not reluctantly but dutifully enforcing a terrible law. She’s eager to be performing it.

Ms. Woodard states that there are, as of now, 220 open marijuana circumstances in her workplace. I urge all 220 of these defendants to demand a jury trial. Force Ms. Woodard’s workplace to prosecute every single single a single of these circumstances. Do not back down. Do not take a plea present. Then, when her workplace has reached its 30th marijuana jury trial, Ms. Woodard could possibly have to reconsider her priorities. Is it her job to shield the people today who spend her salary? Or is it her job to place them in jail?

Jason Wilson

The Liberty Law Workplace, Gainesville


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