Lady Says Lifetime Ban from US for Crossing Border with CBD is Lifted


Ongoing confusion surrounding CBD laws in the United States sometimes causes troubles for travelers.

In some situations, airline passengers have identified themselves in problems soon after TSA discovers them traveling with CBD. Most lately, a lady from Canada was barred entry into the U.S. mainly because she was carrying medicinal CBD oil. Nevertheless, in a surprise move, U.S. officials overturned her ban significantly less than two weeks later.

Lady Barred From Getting into U.S.A.

In late August, a 21-year-old lady traveling from Canada to the U.S. was denied entry into the nation and faced a probable lifetime ban. The choice came when border guards identified CBD oil in her backpack.

The lady, who is a student at the University of Guelph in Ontario reportedly travels to the U.S. often. And she has under no circumstances run into problems with border guards—until her most current trip.

This time, a U.S. border official in Blaine, Washington searched the woman’s belongings.

Sooner or later, the border agent identified a bottle of CBD oil. The lady mentioned she requires CBD oil medicinally, to support alleviate discomfort related with scoliosis.

At the time of the incident, the lady told CBC News that she had no notion carrying health-related CBD oil was against the law, in particular given that weed is legal in Washington.

The lady mentioned she knows that travelers are not permitted to carry actual weed across the border, but did not consider that applied to CBD oil that includes no THC.

Right after the border guard identified her CBD oil, the lady was denied entry to the U.S. In addition, she was fined $500 and fingerprinted.

Additional, she was also told that she would be barred from getting into the U.S. ever once again, but that she could request a waiver with a specific application and a $585 charge.

“There appears to be a lot of confusion with Canadians getting into the U.S. with regards to CBD and THC and all the derivatives from marijuana,” the woman’s lawyer, Len Saunders, told CBC News.

“From my encounter, if something is coming from the marijuana plant, even if it is an oil or a gummy candy, it appears to be grounds not only for inadmissibility and fines but also a lifetime ban.”

U.S. Officials Reverse Their Choice

Following the incident, the lady mentioned she started the procedure of applying for a waiver. That is when she received some unexpected news.

Final Friday, the lady was contacted by a U.S. border supervisor. The official informed her that the choice to bar her from getting into the U.S. had been overturned.

As a outcome, the lady will not have to full the waiver application. Similarly, she will not be needed to spend the $585 charge as portion of the waiver application procedure.

“My reaction clearly was shock,” Saunders told CBC News soon after his client told him the news. “I was shocked that it was such a 180-degree turn from essentially getting barred from life to getting told that they had on their personal reviewed the case and had essentially reversed their choice.”

At this time, it is unclear precisely how U.S. Customs and Border Patrol reached the choice to reverse the woman’s ban.


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