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Whether you’re a natural chef or just looking for a different way to get your daily CBD dose, incorporating CBD oil into your kitchen pantry can totally change the way you think about healthy eating. Today, we’re taking a look at some mouth-watering CBD cooking recipes as well as a few general tips that will make CBD a permanent part of your ingredient list!

Like any new endeavor in the kitchen, CBD oil recipes require a bit of patience — and acceptance of the learning curve involved. The two biggest challenges when it comes to cooking with CBD oil are flavor and heat.

Organic full-spectrum CBD oil from CBDfx will have a naturally herbaceous flavor that is very “plant-forward.” That means you’ll need to find creative ways to incorporate CBD oil into your recipes that properly accentuate that herbal taste without clashing. One of the best basic rules to make your CBD dishes taste as pleasing as possible is to cook with the CBD oil rather than adding it after. In other words, any time you’re drizzling raw CBD oil on top of an already-cooked dish, you’re going to get a strong herbal flavor that might overpower your hard work. On the other hand, if you find ways to incorporate CBD earlier in the cooking process, the plant-like taste will be softened and more cohesive in your dish as a whole.

The other main challenge when dealing with CBD oil recipes is the heat you cook at. CBD oil begins to evaporate around 325 degrees (F), which will negatively affect the flavor as well as burn off all those beneficial terpenes contained in the oil. As such, be careful not to cook with CBD oil over direct, high heat.

#1 – CBD Tea with Fresh Mint

For starters, let’s look at a simple, calming way to get the experience of CBD while having your morning cup of tea. Of all the CBD oil recipes we’re featuring today, this one probably has the simplest prep and least amount of clean up. Simply purchase organic, whole mint leaves, and let them steep for 15 minutes in hot water that’s been boiled. Next, add a drop of honey, a drop of CBD oil, and a light squeeze of lemon if you enjoy citrus with your mint. Voila! You just made the most relaxing tea you’re likely to find anywhere!

#2 – CBD Guac & Chips

It just so happens that CBD and avocados go together about as well as any two ingredients since peanut butter and jelly! Next time you make a fresh batch of guacamole, use 0.5mL of high-potency CBD oil per 3 avocados you mash for the guac base (of course, don’t forget the lime juice, onions, and tomatoes!). The heart-healthy, nutrient rich avocado will symbiotically pair with the CBD oil for an unbelievable guacamole that makes you feel even better about what you’re eating.

#3 – CBD Italian Dressing

CBD oil recipes don’t always have to be fancy or totally earth-shattering: sometimes they can be just a little twist on a classic dressing. If you’re one who likes to create your own salad dressings from scratch, you might have a lightbulb moment when you realize that you can replace cooking oil with CBD oil to make the base! Simply swap your favorite potency CBDfx oil for the type of oil requested by your favorite Italian dressing recipe, and experience the deliciously herbaceous change that CBD brings to your palate!

#4 – CBD-infused Butter

If you’re planning on incorporating CBD oil recipes into your cooking on a regular basis, CBD-infused butter is going to be a major staple of your kitchen moving forward. Infusing butter with CBD is a fantastic way to mask CBD oil’s taste, if you’re not particularly fond of plant-forward flavors in your cooking. It also helps to avoid the pesky problem of accidentally burning or evaporating your CBD oil during the cooking process. Once you’ve made your CBD butter batch, simply use it to create dishes as you would with normal butter. The possibilities are endless!

#5 – CBD Spinach Smoothie Blend

CBD recipes that don’t involve heat or cooking are a sure-fire way to make sure you don’t accidentally cook out any of those nutrient goodies you expect from your organic CBDfx oil. We’ve found that fresh spinach is a fantastic complement to the natural flavor of CBD oil, making it an ideal base for your next veggie-based smoothie. Simply add in your desired amount and potency of CBD oil to your favorite smoothie ingredients and hit blend!

#6 – CBD Pesto

When you think of pesto, hopefully you’re already thinking of herbaceous, nutty, fresh flavors. CBD-loving professional chefs across the country were the first to figure out the little secret that pesto meshes with CBD oil’s natural flavors perfectly. Pesto is one of the few examples where raw CBD oil — even with its strong flavor — can be a legitimately delicious addition to a classic recipe. Many pesto recipes call for grapeseed oil; next time, reach for the CBD oil instead and you might be shocked to find that the result is even better tasting than the original!

#7 – CBD Pumpkin Spice Latte

No list of CBD recipes would be complete without this absolute cult classic. By using 3-4 cups of coffee, unsweetened coconut milk, your favorite blend of pumpkin spices, CBDfx oil, and your preferred sweetener, you can make that Fall magic happen right at home! If you’re feeling extra bold, try adding in some fresh pumpkin puree, as well as a dash of vanilla and whipped cream to finish. The strong aroma and flavor of the pumpkin spice blend does an admirable job of softening the raw CBD oil flavor, leaving you with a perfect beverage vehicle for a warm and comforting CBD dose!

#8 – CBD Chocolate Chunk Cookies

OK, we’ll admit it: not all CBD oil recipes are going to be completely healthy… and that’s okay! When you’re ready to splurge, whipping up a batch of CBD Chocolate Chunk Cookies will have everyone in your household desperate to know what’s baking in the oven! There are two ways to alter a classic chocolate chunk cookie recipe by adding CBD oil: either add the oil directly in the batter (better if you’re trying to make a healthier or flourless cookie); or, use the aforementioned CBD-infused butter to create moist and chewy treats that have almost no hint of plant flavor!


Do you have your own favorite CBD oil recipes? Let us know and we might feature yours on a future blog!


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