How the Surgeon General’s Weed Warning Could Hurt Pregnant Females and Mothers


Telling expecting mothers not to use marijuana could have some unexpected consequences

Pregnancy is a challenging time. Your physique becomes covered in stretch marks and splotches, your calves double in size overnight, and you cannot sit by way of so considerably as a PowerPoint presentation with out receiving up to pee at least thrice. (And do not get me began on the guys who will not give up their seats on the train. I see you, Brett. Take off your Air Pods, turn off Chapo Trap Residence, and support a bitch out.) But all of these physical adjustments pale in comparison to the continuous level of judgment and policing from total strangers, to the degree that you cannot so considerably as order a decaf at Starbucks with out feeling like you want to employ a group of attorneys. Defensiveness, not physical discomfort, is the perpetual state of the pregnant person.

On Thursday, in a joint conference with other best Trump administration officials, Dr. Jerome Adams, the surgeon basic of the United States, joined the chorus of mommy-shamers when he issued an edict urging pregnant females and new mothers not to use cannabis, in portion due to THC levels drastically growing in current years. “The scary truth is that the actual prospective for harm has improved,” Adams stated through the conference. “This ain’t your mother’s marijuana.” [Read More @ Rolling Stone]



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