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Healthcare cannabis is a quickly-increasing field with substantial prospective and the train has currently left the station. “You cannot quit it,” Reut Alfiah, head of the Healthcare Cannabis Division at ZAG/Sullivan Law Firm told The Jerusalem Post Magazine.

Alfiah lately sat down with the Post to talk about the development of the cannabis market and Israel’s distinct benefit in this emerging industry.

ZAG/Sullivan is a exclusive international law firm with offices in Tel Aviv, Boston, New York, Washington, London and in China. The firm is a powerhouse when it comes to advising hi-tech and life science startups performing enterprise in Israel and the US.
“We have been in the field of healthcare cannabis for more than 5 years, which may well not sound like a lot, but in this fairly new field, it is viewed as a extended time,” she stated.

In truth, the firm has a division committed exclusively to healthcare cannabis, which keeps up with the most current regulation, each in Israel and in the US, and supplies customers added worth – matching investors with firms in the field.

This has positioned the firm as one particular of the major, if not the major, firms in Israel in the field of healthcare cannabis – a fairly new and creating market, but one particular with a extended and intricate history.

According to Alfiah, cannabis made use of to be legal about the planet in the 1920s even so, mostly due to politics, it was produced illegal and named a “dangerous narcotic.” In truth, there is an international charter that lots of nations signed on to, agreeing they would not create the plant.

Israel, even so, was not aspect of this charter and rather opted to conduct study into cannabis. Alfiah explained that as such, considering that the 1960s, study in Israel has been carried out on the cannabis plant itself.

“There was a lot of study performed in this field, and so the quantity of clinical trials in cannabis and the tech developments coming out of Israel is tremendous,” she stated, adding that “because Israel permitted healthcare therapy of cannabis, there are decades’ worth of databases and treatment options of individuals that have offered a lot of substantial facts.”

Now, Alfiah explained, all this study was pieced collectively into what is identified as the Green Book – a guide that supplies the facts gathered from tens of thousands of individuals on healthcare cannabis treatment options.

THIS IS vital information when it comes to the cannabis market for instance, being aware of irrespective of whether to use the Indica or the Sativa plant as nicely as the precise mix of THC and CBD – the two major cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant – to present the appropriate dosage for a wide array of treatment options and makes use of.

“What is wonderful to see is that there is a key market of startups that have created about this field,” she stated. “Israel has for years been a leader in agriculture and a huge aspect of cannabis is in increasing the plants.”

As such, Alfiah stated she sees a vibrant future for the cannabis market: “It will only continue to create, simply because all analyses speak about substantial projected development in this field, and especially in the healthcare and cosmetic fields. This is not a bubble simply because there is a genuine market with actual items that strengthen lives, and on the contrary, we are seeing lots of large pharmaceutical firms attempting to get into this field now.”

She added that in the future, cannabis will most most likely turn out to be a commodity – “this is the path the planet is headed.
“What Israel brings to the international table is the study and improvement, and at the finish of the day the profitable firms will be these that deal in R&ampD – this is Israel’s major benefit,” she stated. “When investors come to Israel, they come to come across the study and improvement.”

She added that all the new…


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