Former NZ PM Helen Clark’s Foundation Publishes Report Asking People today To Vote Yes In Upcoming Cannabis Referendum


The Helen Clark Foundation is an independent public policy assume tank primarily based in Auckland, at the Auckland University of Technologies. It is funded by members and donations. We advocate for concepts and encourage debate, we do not campaign for political parties or candidates. Launched in March 2019, the foundation challenges analysis and discussion papers on a broad variety of financial, social and environmental challenges.


In 2020, New Zealanders will have the opportunity to make a historic choice about regardless of whether or not to alter the way we regulate individual cannabis use. If we miss this chance, the opportunity could pass for a generation. Cannabis use is a reality in New Zealand, and the final results of our existing policy method harm our wellness, worsen social equity, and drive crime.

This paper argues that the status quo is unacceptable, and seeks to ask how we can do improved? Our answer is that we must move to a wellness-primarily based method with robust regulation, successful public wellness education, and sufficient service provision. Our important criteria for any policy are: what will greatest strengthen wellness and equity whilst lowering harm? Proof suggests that up to eighty per cent of New Zealanders will use cannabis at least when prior to turning 25, creating cannabis the most normally employed illicit drug in New Zealand.

However cannabis remains an illegal drug, and prosecutions for possession and use alone continue for these unlucky adequate to get caught. The existing method to cannabis inflicts excessive punishment on these customers who face prosecution who, in turn, are disproportionately Māori. In this paper, we argue that New Zealanders of all political persuasions must adhere to the proof of what performs and what does not. The proof points to a vote in assistance of cannabis legalisation and regulation in 2020.

Our view is that the New Zealand Government must adopt an method to cannabis use which sees it as a wellness and social problem and not a criminal a single. Regulation must seek to protect against the emergence of big corporate interests in the industry which would have a profit motive to undermine public wellness objectives. In this respect New Zealand can study from its expertise with regulating tobacco and alcohol. General our evaluation argues that the disproportionately adverse effects of existing policies on cannabis use justify placing in spot legalisation and successful regulation.

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