Apeks Supercritical Doubles Manufacturing Space for CO2 Extraction


Johnstown, Ohio – Apeks Supercritical, a single of the world’s biggest CO2 botanical extraction program producers, announced these days, the expansion of its international headquarters in Ohio. The opening of a new 30,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing facility comes as international demand for CBD and other hemp/cannabis infused merchandise continues its exponential development across the globe.

The new facility in Johnstown almost doubles Apeks Supercritical’s preceding space and will expand the analysis and improvement (R&ampD Lab), CO2 extraction program production, testing, and warehouse space. The move is important to meet the developing demand for oil extraction systems as the hemp and cannabis industries continue to boom.


“This is an thrilling time for Apeks Supercritical and our group,” mentioned Apeks President and Founder Andy Joseph. “We created and constructed the initially CO2 extraction systems 18 years ago in a pole barn in my back yard. Currently we have 4 of the most revolutionary CO2 extraction systems in the sector and are regularly bringing revolutionary technologies to our clientele.”

Apeks Supercritical employs a developing group of 40 regional staff and has constructed a reputation for designing and hand crafting CO2 extraction systems that enable producers to make clean, higher excellent oils, concentrates and other infused merchandise.

In the final seven years, Apeks Supercritical has enhanced revenues by 3000% and lately delivered their 600th program. Currently, Apeks has extra production systems in operation than any other program manufacturer with the international capacity of making extra than three,000 tons of oil annually.

As Apeks continues to engineer a international footprint, the company’s culture stays rooted locally.

“Johnstown is our residence. Our enterprise was constructed right here from the ground up and we have an unbelievable group of individuals we respect and credit equally with our good results,” Director of High-quality Kristen Joseph, mentioned. “There is no query Apeks has created superior systems that are applied about the globe to extract oils and we’re proud to continue expanding in Johnstown and give back to the individuals and the neighborhood who have been with us all through our journey.”

The enterprise has received a quantity of awards and recognitions for their function like the Wise 50 Award, mg Magazine 50 Greatest Areas to Operate For in the Cannabis Market and the Edison Award for Innovation. They have also been recognized as the 24th Quickest Increasing Private Corporation and have been named 100 Most Brilliant Corporations in Entrepreneur Magazine.

About Apeks Supercritical
Apeks Supercritical has been designing and hand crafting the highest excellent botanical CO2 extraction systems considering that 2001. The enterprise is a pioneer in the cannabis and hemp industries and the first to design and style CO2 extraction systems especially for cannabis oil extraction. Apeks continues to lead these industries these days by means of the advancement of cutting-edge technologies like their patented Valveless Expansion Technologies, Diaphragm Compressor Technologies and completely automated, self-operating systems. Apeks Supercritical is owned and operated by U.S. Navy Veteran Andy Joseph and his wife Kristen – each certified welders and engineers. Collectively, the Josephs have constructed a globally recognized CO2 extraction brand with a concentrate on offering a cleaner, safer and extra efficient way to extract higher excellent botanical oils.

Currently, Apeks Supercritical has constructed and distributed extra production CO2 extraction systems than any other enterprise in the globe and continues to evolve their technologies and develop their footprint.


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