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Be ready to slip and slide into one of your new favorite marijuana strains. Alaskan Ice is a Sativa dominant hybrid that is one of Green House Seeds most popular strains. It’s packed with THC levels of 18-22%, and it also has small levels of CBD.

It’s is a 80-20 Sativa hybrid, that is known for its cerebral effects that leave you feeling energetic and happy, with an overall energizing buzz.

The overall smoke is a little rough on the lungs, but the flavor is known for being very enjoyable. Marijuana consumers who typically smoke won’t be bothered by this, however, new users might be irritated.


As previously mentioned, Alaskan Ice is brought to you by Green House Seeds. It is one of the most potent cannabis plants they have ever bred to date.

A bit of history surrounding the Alaskan Ice strain shows it almost became extinct. For a period of time, a few individuals (3-5%) presented a genetic anomaly, which caused a slow flowering time, and virtually no bud growth. This forced GHS to stop selling the Alaskan Ice strain for about two years. They tried to fix the problem, but were not able to rectify the issue without changing the entire genetic makeup. Growers worldwide kept asking for the seeds, but were left disappointed for many years.

Green House Seeds was able to correct the issue, and seeds are now available for sale. Interested growers should know they can only get the Alaskan Ice via the Green House Seed Company website. If you buy them anywhere else, they will typically be clones.

Parent Strains

What are the marijuana strains responsible for breeding the Alaskan Ice strain? Well, Alaskan Ice comes from White Widow and the famous Haze strain.

White Widow

White Widow is a famous, well-balanced hybrid strain that is brought to you, by none other, than Green House Seeds. They are known worldwide within the cannabis community. It was first produced in the Netherlands, and it is now consumed all over the world. Over the years, it continues to grow in popularity.

This strain is excellent for high energy, stimulating conversation, and a burst of creativity. The overall aroma is earth, flower and wood, which gives it a classic marijuana taste and scent.


Haze is one of the most popular strains of marijuana available today. It has given rise to hundreds of new cannabis strains, and is considered to be the most popular Sativa. Few strains match the tremendous energy and artistic buzz it provides. The aroma consists of earth, spice, herbs, and wood.

When observing both parent strains, it shows consumers that Alaskan Ice isn’t marijuana used for a fruity or fresh-tasting flavor. Instead, this strain is for those who like the OG weed taste. With both strains having Sativa in it, it is no surprise that the Alaskan Ice strain is Sativa dominant.


Alaskan Ice has a nutty flavor that people tend to adore. You can also expect to taste the classic skunk taste, as well as wood, spice, and herbal flavors. The smoke is said to be a little bit harsh, so be aware of that, for those who aren’t used to smoke or vape.

If you don’t want smoke in your lungs, then you should try this strain in an edible, topical, shatter or oil form. Oils can be similar to edibles, and they can be added to any food or drink, which makes them perfect for those who aren’t into the taste of cannabis.


The aroma is slightly spicy with the classic skunk smell on the back-end. Some people say it smells like peppers, mixed with nuts and earthy tones. This can make it great for those who aren’t fruit or floral fans.

When the bud is broken apart, a pepper and forest moss aroma fills the air. This can remind people of roaming in the forest, and brings a bit of Alaskan pine trees into your home.


Alaskan Ice buds are rather large. You will notice that they can be tall or short, but they will always be large in size. There are bright leaves throughout the plant and red pistils that resemble a forest fire.

There are massive crystals covering the buds, which will leave your fingers rather sticky. It is best to break the buds apart, grind them down, and then wash your hands before you try to roll it in the paper. If you don’t wash your hands before you roll it in the paper, then it is going to be hard to seal the joint.


Marijuana is known for bringing users a lot of different effects that help for recreational use, and medicinal use. Sativas generally help with the cerebral side, and lift your mind to another peaceful world. Alaskan Ice is meant to take you to another place, where you might hallucinate and see sightings of polar bears, moose, and even a snowflake or two. The THC content measures up to 22%, which means your senses will be altered.

Some of the effects you can expect to experience include:

  • Euphoria
  • Energetic
  • Creative
  • Appetite
  • Happiness
  • Focused


Alaskan Ice has a way of making its consumers slip into a state of joy for hours on end. This is one of the reasons why this strain works so well for medical purposes. If you’ve experienced lulls, this could be a great strain to try out, to get you back into a positive groove. It won’t erase the problems that are making you sad, but it will allow you to see them in a new felicitous light.


The beautiful Sativa effects from Alaskan Ice transport you to a world of euphoria, where everything feels out of this world. Euphoria, is often mentioned with marijuana, and Sativas in general, which is a vague way of describing the feeling you get while you are high. Euphoria can hit both your mind and body, making you feel as if you are floating above your body.


This strain is excellent for individuals who are looking to be creative, for their job, or hobbies. The increased levels of energy also go hand in hand with being creative, because it’s not beneficial to be creative when you are tired. Artists, musicians, architects, and designers, can all benefit from this strain.


This is the perfect type of strain for those who are struggling with their hunger. Chemo patients often have difficulties eating, therefore, this is an excellent strain for them. It can cause the munchies in users, but it won’t be as strong as with Indica strains. This means that you may crave more food, but you won’t find yourself eating a whole deep dish pizza in one sitting.

The flavor profile is also very inviting in this strain, and won’t turn people off, who aren’t fans of fruit or floral strains.


Sativas are known for the energy that they give to their consumers. This is the type of strain that will have you outside hiking, fishing, or running. Alaskan Ice can be used for outdoor activities as well as other physical activities.

Pair this with playing sports or going to sporting events, for a truly unique and fun time.


If you’re struggling with focusing for long periods of time, this could be a great strain to try out. Sativas, in general, are known for their ability to provide focus to their consumers. This makes it beneficial for getting work done and can be a lifesaver for those who have ADD.


This is a fascinating strain to grow. It can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, and it is essential to note, that warm climates are more likely to provide the frosty resin.

If growing indoors, be sure to use hydroponics, as well as the Screen Of Green method. It is a tall branchy plant, so people in apartments need to make sure they have enough room height, or the branches can bend and break.


One major benefit of the Alaskan Ice marijuana strain, is that it produces some excellent yields. You can expect 24-28 ounces per square meter, when grown indoors. It takes about 9-10 weeks to flower.


When grown outdoors, Alaskan Ice will produce between 26-35 ounces per square meter. Growers can expect to harvest it in mid to late October.


This strain is perfect for many medical ailments. Since it’s a Sativa, it is often used for the following:

  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • ADHD


While headaches aren’t often talked about, when it comes to marijuana, this strain has been known to decrease headaches significantly. When consuming this strain, be sure to drink plenty of water. Headaches can be caused by dehydration, and since marijuana naturally dehydrates you, extra water consumption is a must.


Alaskan Ice is a strain that is used to help depression. As we all know, depression is running rampant in the world today, and individuals are trying all types of remedies to decrease their distress.

Marijuana has been used for many years as a way to cope with depression. This could be a good thing to try if you have attempted pharmaceuticals, and have not found success. It can also be an excellent alternative to try if you have had success from medicines, but you find that you have suddenly become too dependent on them, or they may be giving you other adverse side effects.


Anyone who has ever dealt with stress knows that this can be a terrible thing to live with in your daily life. Marijuana is well known for its ability to significantly reduce stress levels. You will find that within minutes, your stress will either be minimized, or be gone entirely, for at least a few hours. Being stress-free can significantly impact other aspects of your life, and can improve your overall health.


If you’re someone who struggles with fatigue, Sativas can definitely help. The amount of energy they provide, is enough to wake you up, and leave you feeling alert. Use this in place of coffee, or try a bit around the 3 pm slump time. If you have plans after work, this can help you get enough energy to engage in conversation, and not show up to happy hour counting down the seconds, till you get to go home.


Because Alaskan Ice is known to help with focus, this can significantly help individuals with ADHD. Marijuana is slowly starting to be prescribed for individuals with ADHD, and is showing benefits. It can also help with focus issues in grade school students, so they don’t’ fall behind in class.


Sativas are the ultimate recreational type of strain. This is mainly because leave you feeling social, focused, and energetic. Because of this, the Alaskan Ice strain would be great for activities such as:

  • Hiking
  • Snowboarding
  • Camping
  • Sporting Events
  • Skiing
  • Parties
  • Movies
  • Snow Shoeing

This is a strain that is great to use with a large number of people, and is ideal for a party, or any social scene. It can elevate the boring conversation you are typically used to at group events, and can instead bring about talks on topics which are usually not discussed.

Alaska has some of the best cruises on the planet, and if you pair the Alaskan Ice strain with a cruise, then it is undoubtedly going to be a once in a lifetime experience, that you will never forget.

Similar Strains

If this strain sounds like it is something you would love to try, then I suggest you look into these other related strains:

  • Tangie
  • Purple Crack
  • White Nightmare
  • Jacky White
  • Sour LSD
  • Headbanger
  • Khufu
  • Acid
  • Presidental Kush
  • Fruit Kush
  • Mango Kush
  • GPD Electric
  • Dairy Queen
  • Sapphire Star
  • Alchemy


Looking over reviews, a few things are apparent. Users can expect Alaskan Ice to:

  • Be best when used during the morning hours
  • Be one of the most potent strains you’ll ever use
  • Knock your socks off
  • Be excellent at erasing bad times and can get you through any type of breakup

Adverse Effects

This strain was bred to be well balanced for any individual, which means no adverse effects are prominent. Of course, your standard dry eyes, and dry mouth, will have you reaching for some liquids, and eye drops.

Those new to THC should start with a minimal dose, and increase as you feel more comfortable with the effects. It can be a bit overwhelming for first time users, but after a few tries, you will not only get used to the distorted sensory feelings, but you will most likely come to enjoy them.


Alaskan Ice has a great classic flavor profile, ripping levels of THC, and some high yields for growers. If you’re a fan of Sativas, this strain should definitely be on your radar. Those who prefer the old school marijuana effects and flavors are going to want to give this strain a try.

Remember that the THC content is one of the strongest in any strain, and even the biggest polar bear is sure to be taken aback by the trippy feeling. Some might use this in a small dose to have a light foggy head high, and others will be so stoned they will be as confused as an Eskimo in a whiteout snowstorm trying to make it back home to their igloo.

Currently, this strain is the most popular in Colorado, and it has been in high demand since legalization.

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