Pax three vs DaVinci IQ vs Miqro Comparison- Which one particular is correct for you?


Style & Characteristics

Pax three

Style: The Pax three is one particular of the ideal-searching vaporizers on the industry thanks to its minimalist, button-absolutely free design and style. It feels superior to hold and the way you use it by either shaking it or by pressing down on the mouthpiece is straightforward and intuitive. The illuminated petal on the front of the device keeps the straightforward design and style of the Pax three although also maintaining you informed of the battery status and other settings. 

Characteristics: If you want additional detailed information or additional precise handle, then you can use the smartphone app, which provides you additional temperature handle, enables you to customize the user interface, and provides you access to the dynamic modes. Dynamic modes steadily improve the temperature to offer distinct vaping experiences. It is not dissimilar to the Clever Path modes in the Miqro and IQ, but in contrast to in these vapes, you want the smartphone to use the dynamic modes.

DaVinci IQ

Style: The IQ has extended been one particular of the ideal searching dry herb vaporizers accessible, in reality, it is one particular of the ideal-searching vaporizers period. The fifty-one particular LED light show is one particular of the additional fashionable design and style flourishes that you will see on any vaporizer, but aside from just getting fashionable, it is also helpful considering the fact that it clearly displays the temperature setting and other important details. The IQ also feels as strong as it appears and has a good heft to it as effectively.

It is quite straightforward to use, although one particular of the accessories can complicate factors if you pick out to use it. That accessory getting the flavor chamber. It is a little tube that is placed in the physique of the IQ and is meant to hold all types of aromatic herbs, or even additional dry herb. If you pick out to use it, then that indicates there is one particular additional step to the operating process of the IQ. But if you do not bother employing it, the loading procedure is quite straightforward. The IQ is quite straightforward to use in basic, although if you attempt to use some of the added modes devoid of the smartphone app, it can get quite complex, so retain your telephone nearby.

Characteristics: The IQ has the exact same Clever Path function as the Miqro, but you can handle it from the device as effectively, alternatively of getting restricted to the smartphone app. Granted, the button combinations necessary to handle the Clever Paths as effectively as some of the other capabilities can be complex, but it is a helpful function nonetheless. The IQ also has a removable battery, but the IQ’s battery life is longer, so that function is not as important, but is nevertheless practical.

DaVinci Miqro

Style: The Miqro is the tiniest vape right here, searching like a mini version of its larger sibling, the IQ. The little size has its superior and terrible elements.  The superior is, of course, that this is one particular of the additional conveniently transportable vaporizers accessible, even the extended mouthpiece does not impact its pocket-friendliness. The Miqro also has the fashionable LED light grid on the front, just like the IQ, but the smaller sized size indicates that it only has fifteen of them alternatively of fifty-one particular. 

It is quite straightforward to use considering the fact that the oven lid and battery cover are each straightforward to operate. And speaking of the oven lid, it has a zirconium pearl, just like the IQ, and just like the IQ, it assists to distribute heat evenly in the oven. And speaking of heat, that brings us to one particular of the terrible factors about the Miqro, the little size indicates that it gets fairly hot in the course of use. It is a difficulty prevalent to the quite little weed vapes and, regrettably, DaVinci hasn’t been capable to resolve it.

Characteristics: The Miqro has the exact same Clever Path mode as the IQ. This is a mode that steadily increases the temperature as you vape, which alters the vaping encounter. There is not a smartphone app although, so you can not customize every sensible path. It also has a removable battery, which is quite helpful considering the fact that you can swap out a fresh one particular for a dead one particular. Considering the fact that the Miqro has a quite quick battery life, this is a helpful selection.

Cleaning and Upkeep

DaVinci Miqro and IQ herb chambers

Pax three: The Pax three is also a pretty complicated device to clean since you want to clean the mouthpiece, oven, and the vapor path. That cleaning procedure requires a range of distinct cleaning solutions, some of which are integrated in the kit. Luckily, you only want to clean it just after just about every dozen or so utilizes, so you get a lot of vaping time with the Pax three.

DaVinci IQ: On the other hand, the IQ is the most complex to clean. That is since of the greater quantity of elements compared to the other vaporizers. You want to clean the mouthpiece, oven, and the flavor chamber. Every aspect is straightforward to clean, but considering the fact that there are additional of them, cleaning requires a tiny longer.

DaVinci Miqro: The little size and straightforward operation of the Miqro imply that cleaning it is swift and straightforward. The integrated cleaning kit will do the job on the oven, although the mouthpieces can be cleaned employing isopropyl alcohol. It is the easiest to clean of all 3 devices right here.

Wax Compatibility

The Miqro and IQ are dry herb vapes only, but the Pax three can vape wax with the use of a particular concentrate insert integrated in the kit. You may possibly not necessarily want to use it although, at least if you are a frequent wax vaper. That is since its functionality is under par compared to devoted wax vaporizers. So, you may possibly want to stick to dry herb with the Pax three and get a vape pen if you want to use wax.

Construct Components

All 3 vaporizers have an anodized aluminum shell that appears superior and feels superior. Maintain in thoughts that the non-matte colors of the Pax three are prone to selecting up fingerprints. The two DaVinci vaporizers also use zirconia in the building of their mouthpieces and the pearl in their ovens. Zirconia is a hugely heat resistant material that assists to retain the vapor cool, at least with the IQ. 

Oven Material and Size

pax 3 vaporizer review

The two DaVinci vaporizers each have ceramic ovens, which assists to strengthen vapor high-quality since they are neutral supplies that do not have an impact on the flavor of the herb. The Pax three has a stainless steel oven, but nevertheless produces terrific tasting vapor considering the fact that the steel utilised is higher high-quality. 

  • DaVinci Miqro: .three grams
  • DaVinci IQ: .three grams
  • Pax three: .35 grams with a complete oven. .two grams with a half oven

As far as oven design and style goes, the Pax has a flat and wide oven, vs the IQ and Miqro which has a deep and narrow oven. That indicates the Pax’s oven is less complicated to load and clean. Pax is the winner when it comes to oven size and design and style. 

The IQ has optional oven spacers which are little glass inserts you location in the oven that enable you to use a smaller sized quantity of herb. By contrast, the Pax three has an oven lid integrated in its kit that serves the exact same objective. The half oven lid enables you to use much less herb devoid of compromising the vaping functionality of the Pax three. So the Pax three has the ideal, and most versatile, oven of the 3. 

Longevity and Reliability

DaVinci Miqro vs DaVinci IQ comparison

Pax three: The Pax three is quite trusted in addition to getting quite fashionable. The reality that it has been about for a although and has received couple of complaints in that time ought to give you a superior thought of just how reliable it is.

Warranty – 10 years

DaVinci IQ: The IQ has confirmed to be a strong device for all of its years in service. The only difficulty some individuals have is that the pearl in the oven can break off. Having said that, it is not as well prevalent and can be avoided by the user working out the minimum quantity of care.

Warranty – 10 years

DaVinci Miqro: The Miqro is a straightforward device with no moving components so there is not a lot that can go incorrect, and certainly, absolutely nothing has gone incorrect with it so far. It is unlikely that something will go incorrect with it either.

Warranty – five years

Battery and Charging

DaVinci Miqro 18350 battery

The Miqro and the IQ each function 18350 and 18650 removable batteries respectively, which is quite helpful considering the fact that you can just replace a dead one particular with a fresh one particular alternatively of waiting for the entire device to recharge. This is an specially helpful function with the Miqro since it has a paltry battery life of just thirty minutes. 

The IQ and the Pax three each final 3 instances as extended, although they each take a tiny longer to charge. The Pax three does not function the removable battery comfort of the DaVinci vapes, but it does have a magnetic charging dock. This is quite cool considering the fact that you do not want to be concerned about plugging something in.   

Vapor Excellent

Pax 3 Review

Pax three: The vapor high-quality of the Pax three is terrific for the most aspect. It begins out terrific, but steadily degrades as you use it. The vapor begins to warm up towards the finish of every session. Regardless of these caveats, the Pax three produces quite flavorful vapor with big visible clouds.

DaVinci IQ: The IQ is regarded as one particular of the ideal dry herb vapes since of its exceptional flavor high-quality. The pearl in the oven assists to distribute the heat so the herb gets heated evenly and the extended vapor path and zirconia components retain the vapor cool. These attributes assist to build a wealthy-tasting vapor. You can add some distinct herbs to the flavor chamber to give the vapor some added flavor notes but the vapor is terrific even if you by no means use it.

DaVinci Miqro: The vapor high-quality of the Miqro is superior, but regrettably you will not have a great deal time to get pleasure from it since it gets hot and uncomfortable rather promptly. That is exactly where the little size and poor heat distribution hurts the Miqro. You can get a couple of draws of good vapor, but it heats up close to the finish of every session.

All round, the vapor from the Pax is smooth and gentle, although the IQ produces denser, stronger vapor. Each of them outpace the Miqro in terms of vapor high-quality.

Which 1 Really should You Pick?

Pax new version matte

Even although this comparison is amongst 3 vapes, it genuinely comes down to two of them, the IQ and the Pax three. The Miqro is decent but its poor heat distribution lets it down since each the Miqro and its vapor basically turn out to be as well uncomfortable just after a although. Unless you genuinely want a vape this little, I would advise you to skip it.

The Miqro’s significant brother, the IQ, handles the heat far far better. Granted, the IQ does also get a tiny warm to the touch just after extended use, but the vapor stays cool. It is a technologically sophisticated device with a helpful smartphone app. As superior as the app is, you can nevertheless handle all of the functions of the IQ employing the buttons on the device, which adds to its comfort. The flavor chamber can be a finicky accessory, but you do not want to use it.

The Pax three is a terrific device, although the necessity of the smartphone app to handle some of the additional sophisticated functions as effectively as the reality that the vapor high-quality falls off just after a although are minor annoyances. The vapor high-quality is exceptional although it lasts although, and the use of the smartphone app for the additional sophisticated functions indicates that the simple functions are straightforward to use.

Eventually, the Pax three narrowly wins right here since of the additional flavorful vapor high-quality and the reality that it has a far better oven and is less complicated to carry about. The smartphone app is one particular of the ideal out there since of its intuitiveness and broad suite of customization capabilities. You can not go incorrect with either vape, but the Pax three provides you a tiny additional bang for your buck.


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