Solo two vs Air two vs ArGo


Design and style & Attributes

Arizer Go:

The ArGo is certainly the smallest and most transportable of the 3 Arizers, but it also has some nifty design and style particulars. The most apparent 1 is the borosilicate glass mouthpiece, an Arizer trademark that they’ve managed to match on this tiny device. Usually you would be concerned about it breaking or acquiring dirty when the ArGo is crammed into a tight space. Nevertheless, the designers took care of that by utilizing a pop-up hood that absolutely covers the mouthpiece, you just press down on it when you are prepared to vape.

It is a easy, wise design and style detail that increases the Arizer Go’s practicality. The only downsides are that the temperature handle buttons are a tiny little and the device gets a tiny hot when it is in use.

Arizer Air two:

The Air two is proper in the middle exactly where size is concerned. It is clearly bigger than the ArGo, but it is also a tiny taller than the Solo two. Nevertheless, that is offset by its substantially slimmer girth. The cylindrical design and style tends to make it extremely effortless to hold and the buttons are effectively placed. The mouthpiece is effortless to attach and get rid of but it also impedes portability.

The integrated carrying case does assist considering that it has compartments exactly where you can location the mouthpiece or any further batteries. Nevertheless, that implies that you will need an further accessory if you want to take the Air two with you.

Arizer Solo two:

The Solo two is technically the largest 1 right here by virtue of its width and height. It is about as wide as the ArGo, but substantially taller, and that is prior to the mouthpiece is attached. So, this is strictly a remain-at-household vaporizer, the truth that it is charged utilizing a wall outlet really should drive that point household.

The glass mouthpiece is not terrific for portability but it does make this—and the Air 2—easy to use and effortless to keep. It has a somewhat drab appear general, but its ease of use tends to make up for that.

Cleaning & Upkeep

All 3 of the Arizer vapes are quite low upkeep devices mostly due to the fact of the glass mouthpieces that they use. The benefit of utilizing these mouthpieces for loading and vaping the herb is that there is not a chamber to clean out. So, cleaning is 1 point you do not have to be concerned about with these vapes.

Oven size

  • Arizer Go Oven Capacity: .15 grams
  • Arizer Air two Oven Capacity: .two grams
  • Arizer Solo two Oven Capacity: .two grams

All 3 vaporizers use convection heating to vaporize the dry herb, and have the similar temperature Variety: 122°F – 428°F

Longevity and Reliability

All 3 of the Arizer vapes are quite superior in the reliability and longevity departments, so the only probable be concerned is about the glass mouthpiece cracking or breaking. But as lengthy as you are cautious, that seriously is not substantially of a be concerned. The Solo two is the oldest 1 right here and it nevertheless performs as effectively as it did when it was new. The ArGo and Air two are newer but are nevertheless a couple of years old by now and they nevertheless function completely. So, no matter which of these vapes you get, you will not have to be concerned about them failing.

  • Arizer Go Warranty: Two year restricted
  • Arizer Air two Warranty: Unit – Two years | Heating element – Lifetime
  • Arizer Solo two Warranty: Unit – Two years | Battery – One particular year | Heating element – Lifetime

Vapor Top quality

Arizer Go: The vapor high-quality of the ArGo is fantastic, some of the greatest you will get out of a transportable thanks to the convection heating made use of in all the Arizer vapes. The glass mouthpiece assists immensely considering that it keeps the vapor cool and pure. The physique of the vaporizer does get a tiny warm though in use, but that is not also massive of a trouble.

Arizer Air two: After once more, the Air two is smack in the middle. Its vapor high-quality is far better than the ArGo, but not as superior as the Solo 2’s. That nevertheless implies the vapor high-quality is some of the greatest about, just not the extremely greatest.

Arizer Solo two: The largest Arizer also produces the greatest vapor, which likely shouldn’t be also substantially of a surprise. Even if you are expecting the vapor to be superior, you may well be shocked at just how superior it is. The flavor is fantastic, and when once more the glass mouthpiece is a massive benefit in delivering that tasty vapor.

Which ones really should you pick?

You can see that all of the Arizer vapes are operated in substantially the similar way, which is a quite effortless way. In spite of that operation becoming a tiny distinctive from all other dry herb vapes, all of the Arizer vapes are quite easy to use.

So how do you pick amongst the Arizer Go (Assessment | Invest in), the Arizer Air two (Assessment | Invest in), and the Arizer Solo two (Assessment | Invest in)? That is effortless, it all depends on what you want in a dry herb vaporizer.

If you worth comfort and portability—along with terrific vapor high-quality, of course—then the ArGo is the apparent selection. It is little sufficient to match almost anyplace though nevertheless retaining all of the terrific qualities of its bigger siblings. If you are mostly an indoor vaper, then the Solo two is for you. Its vapor high-quality is exemplary and it has impressively lengthy battery life. Plus it is 1 of the easiest to keep vaporizers about.

If you want anything that is in amongst these two vapes, then you are searching for the Air two. As lengthy as you use the carrying case, it is simpler to carry about than the Solo two, even though not as effortless as the ArGo. It does have far better vapor high-quality than the ArGo and does not get warm though you use it.

That becoming stated, the Air two does look like the odd man out right here. It is a superior vaporizer, but it becoming bigger than a transportable, but not really a household vape implies that it occupies a extremely little niche. Nonetheless, that just implies that there is an Arizer for each form of weed vaper out there.


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