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The first time I heard the band, Flogging Molly, was at a Warped Tour in 2002. I’d by no means even heard of the band and was solely within the crowd as a result of it appeared like a simple solution to conceal away from the fuzz so my buddies and I may share a joint. As the gang thickened round us, we sparked our doobie and handed it round, ending simply in time for the Celtic punk band to hit the stage. Our highs settled in simply because the music began, giving solution to an unforgettable musical expertise.

I’m big fan of Flogging Molly to this present day – and an enormous fan of Mary Jane, too – however it was the mixture of music and cannabis that actually caught in my thoughts. Maybe it was the way in which the weed heightened my senses or the way in which it relaxed my temper; maybe as a result of it soothed my aching muscle tissue or as a result of I made some good buddies in my little stoner circle, however what ever it was, one factor was sure: marijuana and music festivals made an superior combo.

Why Marijuana and Music Festivals Make a Nice Pair

I’m not the one one who likes to carry cannabis to live shows. Irrespective of the style, there’s nearly all the time going to be somebody who will sneak some weed right into a music pageant or venue, and for good motive – marijuana makes music extra pleasurable.

Although there’s little analysis about why cannabis makes music so significantly better, there are lots of theories about which will assist clarify it. For instance, some recommend that it’s cannabis’ impact on the nucleus accumbens, or the pleasure heart of the mind. Interplay with this mind area tends to evoke stronger feelings and make music notion extra pleasurable. One other concept means that its THC’s impact on short-term reminiscence that makes music sound so significantly better. In response to this concept, when a listener can’t “keep in mind” what sounds come subsequent, she or he is thrust into the “now,” making each subsequent word an thrilling shock.

Music Festival

Hashish and music go collectively like peanut butter and jelly. photograph credit score

However science apart, there are lots of different causes to like the way in which cannabis and live shows go effectively collectively. Most notably, cannabis is a a lot safer various to alcohol which frequently serves as a catalyst to good live performance groove. When somebody opts for bud over booze in a live performance setting, they may have extra endurance all through the present (which is particularly vital for day- or weekend-long festivals) and might keep away from the port-a-potty strains for longer intervals, as effectively. Another excuse to carry Mary Jane to a music pageant (and maybe my favourite motive) is the superior buddies you may make if you gentle a joint within the crowd. Whether or not you’re flying solo or hanging with buddies, the odor of a freshly sparked joint is a positive solution to make some new stoner buddies, too.

Music Festivals in 420 Pleasant States

Hashish consumption could also be authorized in some states however consuming publicly is one other difficulty all collectively. Although there are just a few cannabis-friendly venues right here and there, the vast majority of live shows and festivals keep a no ganja coverage (word that venues that do enable cannabis limit alcohol). In fact, simply because it’s unlawful doesn’t imply it doesn’t occur. There are nonetheless methods to get cannabis right into a live performance or music pageant, and there are methods to smoke it with out getting caught. For instance, you possibly can carry joints into live shows by tucking them in your sneakers (or a bra, women), or stuffing just a few right into a cigarette pack. Vape pens (disposables in the event you hit the pit) are one other nice solution to discretely smoke weed at a present.

After which there are edibles: an all-time favourite for an all-day pageant. Edibles are nice as a result of you possibly can eat them earlier than coming into the venue so that you don’t have to fret about sneaking something in or being compelled to trash it in the event you get caught. Edibles are tough, although, and might have highly effective (and generally uncomfortable) results, particularly when consuming too excessive of a dose. As all the time, begin low till you perceive your very best dose taking into account that you would be able to all the time eat extra however you possibly can’t eat much less. Within the occasion of overconsumption, keep calm, drink loads of water, and sit back in a shady spot whereas ready for it to go.

Hashish has been attending music festivals since music festivals have been invented. Whether or not accompanying celebrations in Historic Japan, consumed within the hippie ambiance of Woodstock ’69, or used to boost the expertise of contemporary music festivals, cannabis has all the time belonged within the music scene.

Do you will have any suggestions for smoking cannabis at live shows? Share them within the feedback beneath!

Photograph Credit score: Hanny Naibaho (license)


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